1. A

    Trouble accessing the 2027 application

    My son is trying to start his application since it opened May 1st. Once on the admissions page he clicks on the “apply class 2027” and that link gives him an error message about not being able to connect to the server. He has tried several browsers and computers and same error.. anyone else...
  2. B

    COVID-19 Vaccine Screening Form and Immunization Questionnaire

    Is it possible for someone who has access to these two documents to reply to this thread with a link that works for those who can’t get their Adobe, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc, to open the documents? I was wondering if they downloaded the links into a pdf and posted them here if it would...
  3. Astromatter

    PCQ Submission Issue

    I filled out my PCQ immediately after receiving my SAT scores. However, as I went to finalize it, it gave me the following error: What's the deal with this? How can I fix it?
  4. C

    Netfocus Login Issues

    I started my NROTC (Marine Option) application last night and decided to finish it in the morning, but now I can't login. I either get a 403 error "Access is forbidden" or it basically refreshes the login screen without an error message. I know that I'm putting my password in right because it...
  5. A

    Still No DoDMERB?

    Hi everyone. So I've pretty much done my entire application for USMA. My CFA scores were sent over a week ago but haven't been checked yet in my portal (I think the administer may've submitted the scores via mail) however that was accomplished. Also, my last SOE is supposed to be submitted...