graduate school

  1. L

    Grad School Opportunities?

    How does grad school work for USCGA graduates? Does it count as a tour? Does the USCG pay for it, or do graduates pay out of pocket? Or do they use the GI Bill instead? Are USCGA graduates even eligible for any GI Bill benefits? Does the USCG have a say in what you will study, or are you given...
  2. Y

    Complicated situation: grad school, brigade scholarship, two battalions

    Posting this for my DS--and apologies right away for the likelihood that I will get some jargon wrong. Situation: son is a senior in college, graduating this May. He's been participating in ROTC for past year and a half (non-scholarship, obviously). He intends to earn a MA and has applied for...
  3. SilverLion12

    Graduate School ROTC and OML

    I am a senior in college and graduate in a few months. I am considering joining ROTC as a graduate student. I am aware that some people go the OCS route, but I am not interested in that. My question is: Will being in ROTC for only 2 years, as opposed to 4, significantly affect my ability to...
  4. L

    Life after your first 5 years of active duty

    I'm currently in application process for the USMA, and am wondering what kind of choices and opportunities would lie ahead of me after your 5 years of active duty. I plan on majoring in chemical or nuclear engineering, and would love to enlist in the Corps of Engineers or the Chemical Corps...
  5. beepybeetle

    Graduate School (MBA) for junior officer?

    How does this work exactly? I heard from my JROTC instructor that having a Master's is kind of an 'unofficial-official' requirement for being promotable past O-3 and I would very much like to not stay a terminal lieutenant... I have some questions: Can junior naval officers apply directly for...
  6. ktnatalk

    Current policy on Graduation Studies for those elect to become Marines

    This was sent to all Mids by the Brigade Academic and Assistant Operations Officer regarding U.S. Marine Corps graduate education policy this month: Below are some frequently asked questions on USMC Graduate Education. Hopefully these clear up any issues. Are Marine selects allowed to...