i day

  1. R

    Luggage VS Backpack for I-Day

    I am slightly confused on the packing for I Day. There are 3 separate areas on my Inprocessing Checklist: Items to hand-carry inside the manila envelope, Items to hand-carry on your person (wearing on your person, in your wallet/billfold, or in a small bag or tote), and Items to pack in your...
  2. U


    So today during my last wrestling practice I broke my Fibula. So if I get accepted to USNA should I inform them about the condition? And could this result in my appointment being taken away? I really hope not and I hope that under candidates out there do not recieve my misfortune.
  3. B

    I-Day Weigh In

    Does anyone know what the maximum weights are when you show up on I-Day? Do the detailers check? I'm aware they do at other SAs but wasn't sure at USNA. What happens if someone doesn't make weight, but is obviously (or not obviously) physically fit? Do they do a BMI or body fat % test or anything?
  4. Maplerock

    Dangerous Medical Condition Possible for USAFA

    For the parents of new 2020 appointees. Beware of carpal tunnel syndrome as you navigate through thousands of pictures looking for your son or daughter. It is addicting, and many hours can be lost wondering if that is her elbow or the back of his head in that picture. jk... enjoy the ride, it...