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    So today during my last wrestling practice I broke my Fibula. So if I get accepted to USNA should I inform them about the condition? And could this result in my appointment being taken away? I really hope not and I hope that under candidates out there do not recieve my misfortune.
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    Mar 23, 2016
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    There is no way to now that answer. You should report the issue to DoDMERB as a change in your medical status. Bad news does not get any better with age.

    You will have to be cleared again to become qualified.

    The good news is that most candidates that have received an offer and later get injured are offered an LOA to the next years class.
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    From our experience, the fibula shaft takes about 6-8 weeks to heal. Hopefully it’s an easy break. My husband has broken his twice (different legs). Focus on taking care of yourself. I’m unsure how it would affect things with USNA, but I do know significant situations need to be reported to DoDMERB. An orthopedic should be able to indicate what the end of June timeframe may be like for your leg and if there are limitations. So sorry you’re dealing with this!
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    I am so sorry you have to go through this. Wrestling is a long brutal season, to have that happen on your last practice really stinks. Hang in there, things will work out.
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    Follow the rules for DoDMERB. Ensure all documentation is kept and your doctor keeps thorough notes. Don’t come back too early and work with a physical therapist to rehab quickly if you get an appointment. The last thing you want to do is pick up a running routine and create issues such as a stress fracture or not heal. Work with a PT now to get a list of things you can do to build up your core and upper body. It’s Feb, I Day is 4 months away. Youth is on your side, you will heal quick.
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    Unfortunately, you're probably going to have to report this to DODMERB.

    On the plus side, the fibula is not the primary weight-bearing bone in your lower leg. It's function is primarily for muscle attachment.

    I'm guessing is a the most benign fracture in that it involved the most distal portion of the fibula? If it was any worse, you would have said surgery was required to immobilize the fracture. I'm assuming you've seen the orthopedic surgeon.

    As someone said earlier, those heal relatively fast. In fact, many people fracture the very distal end of the fibula, don't know about it, and go about their normal activity. Walking doesn't hurt much because it's not a primary weight-bearing bone.

    Follow the rehab plan closely. Don't try to overdo it and speed it up your recovery. Doing so risks making things worse.

    Good luck to you, and thank you for wanting to serve our country.
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    My DS and I met with the Dean of USNA Admissions yesterday at the Academy at a session held for a small group of 10 Seniors reporting in to CVW. He said that to first report to Admissions so they understand your situation and can seek a waiver for you. If waiver not granted then, as others have said here, USNA will ensure you will have an LOA for the next class. Same case for Candidates getting injured during Plebe Summer. You will have to go through the same process of applying again and get the Nom Pass the CFA and get DODMERB Qualification again due to your condition even though it is good for 2 years.

    Please don’t get injured during your App and Plebe Summer! I wouldn’t let my DS go Snow Boarding this Winter. Take no chance even if you feel like the ultimate Iron Man in your hometown. Injuries take out Olympic Athletes in seconds for another 4 years. Take care of yourself!
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    As I posted in another thread, there is no way to control this. Folks get injured just "existing." They miss a step while walking/running or trip and fall or are involved in an auto/bike accident. Accidents happen no matter how careful we try to be . . . that's why they're called accidents.

    It also doesn't make sense to stop all organized sports. Folks who are successful at USNA are typically very active physically. Sitting around the house all day just isn't in the cards. Yes, you might get injured, but you might get injured even w/o the sports (see above).

    What does make sense is not to take unnecessary risks . . . such as taking up a new/dangerous sport for the first time. Now is not the time to try one's hand at rollerblading or snowboarding (if one has never done it), etc.

    Bubble wrap means exercising common sense, not becoming a mole.
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    I am not a doctor!
    As stated, that's not a weight bearing bone and takes at the most 4 weeks to heal. There are 18 weeks until I-Day, so you should be 100% by then.
    My guess is that it's not an I-Day ender, but you are expected to report it to DoDMERB nonetheless.
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    If it will affect you come I-Day, they will find out soon after induction and give you the boot with no LOA on account of lying if you don’t report it ahead of time. If the recovery time is short, might not be necessary to report, but I know that specific advice is frowned upon. But since you don’t know the recovery time yet, it’s better to be safe than sorry and report it in hopes of no impact on appointment or LOA to next year’s class.
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    It's not just frowned upon, it's against the rules one agrees to when they apply and receive an appointment. As NavyHoops said, follow the DoDMERB rules or it can cause problems down the road.