Working in Intelligence


Sep 6, 2016
Hi Everyone,

I'll be doing AFROTC next year (or hopefully attend USAFA) and I was wondering how to approach my end goal of becoming an intelligence officer.

I have a deep interest in foreign affairs and political science but economics seems to be my strongest and most passionate subject. I've still had trouble figuring out my major but I plan on econ with a minor in a foreign language.

I was wondering what the best route would be in terms of ROTC or academy and in terms of the field of study I choose. I appreciate any advice, thank you!
From the Air Force website's requirements to be an intelligence officer: "Bachelor’s degree in one of the following: science, humanities, social sciences, structured analysis, engineering or mathematics
Some level of foreign language study is highly desirable."

So really it doesn't matter too much, but I'd say it depends on what aspect of intelligence interests you the most? Econ would certainly be valuable, as would political science or foreign affairs. If you end up at the academy, you can major in Econ and will get a decent amount of exposure to political science through the core curriculum.

The other "side" of intelligence is what I am more familiar with, where the focus is on data/technology analysis and knowledge in the sciences, math engineering etc fields are important.

You'll have some time if you go to USAFA to figure it out, since you don't have to declare a major until sophomore year.

I guess what I am saying is the intelligence field is very widely varied, so study what interests you (as long as it meets the above restrictions) and go from there