1. B

    International candidate question.

    Good morning everyone. I am currently a panamenian in the process of nomination for USMA here in my country. I completed the SAT and TOEFL tests with above average scores, and i am waiting to do the CFA in late november but there is one thing that is bothering me and that is my school grades. I...
  2. L

    Best major for intelligence career?

    Hello, if appointed to West Point, my original intentions were to major in chemical or nuclear engineering, as I enjoy physics and chemistry. But, I recently reflected more on what I'd like to do most within the military, and not as much on my civilian career. I came to the realization that I...
  3. LovroG

    International Cadets

    Hello, My name is Lovro, I am 17 and I come from Slovenia. I have been actively researching the possibility to attend the Air Force Academy as an international cadet for the past 2 years or so. I got plenty of answers from the American side, Ive talked to multiple cadets via Skype and have a...
  4. J


    Is it required to take the PSAT & PLAN to apply to USAFA? If yes, are these tests available in other countries?
  5. J

    International student or not?

    I'm still an incoming sophomore but planning to apply for USAFA once I graduate. I scanned through the application steps but some parts are not too clear or specified. In the eligibility step, I actually don't know where I am categorized. Whether I am an international student or not, because I...
  6. P

    International Candidate for Admission

    Hi, I'm new here and currently I'm an International Candidate for Admission. Two weeks ago I was contacted by the admissions officer and was told to send immunization record, color vision testing and dental records. Is that a good sign? Or they require that for everybody before considering the...