1. ThePilot18

    AFROTC & International Question

    Hi all, I'm a junior in high school, prepping to apply for an AFROTC scholarship (opens in June). But I will be living in Mexico by then (long story short: U.S. State Dept. reasons, and yes, it will happen). Anyone know how that changes things at all? As in, for the interview, or application...
  2. K

    International Academies?

    Looks like USNA (among other academies) accept international students. Let's flip the roles here a bit, just for fun; are there any other service academies in the world that would accept U.S. students? Has any body here been to another country's service academy? It can be naval, but doesn't...
  3. B

    International candidate question.

    Good morning everyone. I am currently a panamenian in the process of nomination for USMA here in my country. I completed the SAT and TOEFL tests with above average scores, and i am waiting to do the CFA in late november but there is one thing that is bothering me and that is my school grades. I...
  4. L

    Best major for intelligence career?

    Hello, if appointed to West Point, my original intentions were to major in chemical or nuclear engineering, as I enjoy physics and chemistry. But, I recently reflected more on what I'd like to do most within the military, and not as much on my civilian career. I came to the realization that I...
  5. LovroG

    International Cadets

    Hello, My name is Lovro, I am 17 and I come from Slovenia. I have been actively researching the possibility to attend the Air Force Academy as an international cadet for the past 2 years or so. I got plenty of answers from the American side, Ive talked to multiple cadets via Skype and have a...
  6. J


    Is it required to take the PSAT & PLAN to apply to USAFA? If yes, are these tests available in other countries?
  7. J

    International student or not?

    I'm still an incoming sophomore but planning to apply for USAFA once I graduate. I scanned through the application steps but some parts are not too clear or specified. In the eligibility step, I actually don't know where I am categorized. Whether I am an international student or not, because I...
  8. P

    International Candidate for Admission

    Hi, I'm new here and currently I'm an International Candidate for Admission. Two weeks ago I was contacted by the admissions officer and was told to send immunization record, color vision testing and dental records. Is that a good sign? Or they require that for everybody before considering the...