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    Under DODMERB Review

    April 15 is fast approaching and we have been back-and-forth with DoDMERB with regards to medical records for a disqualification . Currently his status says Under DODMERB Review. If his status still says awaiting medical waiver will he be told from the Academy on his portal system if he is...
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    DODMERB Prior Physical Question

    MY DD was selected for an AFROTC scholarship. She has also applied for AROTC and NROTC - MO scholarships. While preparing her packet for the NROTC - MO scholarship, she took a MEPS physical and cleared MEPS. I'm assuming that the MEPS physical for the USMC does not meet the medical...
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    AFROTC Waiver disposition e-mail with no waiver yet processing in DODMERB

    Posting in hopes that Mr Mullen replies! My DD has done everything herself... however, now that she needs a waiver I feel like we need to give her some guidance. She's not big on asking questions... but I am going to get her to e-mail you (reference FAST Sticky) tomorrow. Her DODMERB file is...
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    Removal of Disqualification Due to Medical Coding Error

    My son is a service academy applicant. He received a medical disqualification for a condition he did not have. The doctor has acknowledged a coding error and provided a letter that he did not have the condition. Is there a process for DoDMERB to remove the disqualification without my son having...
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    DodMERB Seasonal Allergies Question????? PLEASE HELP

    I am entering the AFROTC this Fall semester as a 250 Cadet. I am curious as to your thoughts on what I should put down on the pre exam dodmerb checklist sheet. I was prescribed allergy medication and received allergy shots for 6 years when I was 10. 20 now. They were for seasonal allergies...