Disqualification Question

Sep 20, 2021
Hello all! I am writing this post because I seek the help of Mr. Mullen and any others who might have insight into my situation.

Last week I received a disqualification notice from DoDMERB for an issue that I believe was misdiagnosed due to the fact that it was asymptomatic and had never been an issue. As soon as I received the disqualification, I immediately set up an appointment with a specialist the next day to get a second opinion. As I suspected, I was informed that the condition was extremely mild and below the disqualifying measurement on DoDMERB. Encouraged by the news, I forwarded the doctor's report to my DoDMERB technician and requested that my file be reviewed again with the new information (rebuttal). This was last week and today I decided to call DoDMERB and see if there was any chance that my disqualification could be overturned. Although not my technician, I had the pleasure of speaking to a very nice lady who informed me that because I was originally misdiagnosed, the condition is "historical" and the disqualification cannot be changed.

Here's the catch. While many disqualifications state that "a history of ____" is disqualifying, my disqualification says that only "current deviation" is disqualifying. Because of this, I believe that this disqualification does not really apply to my situation and I would like to see if it is possible to change this since there is no need for a waiver.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post!


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May 31, 2008
Send me an email: lawrence.e.mullen.civ@mail.mil; provide complete name and last 4 SSN; provide the text of your Parent's posting above to YOUR email. The subject line of the email should be “WESTPOINTALLTHEWAY - SAF= DQ question.“ Do NOT embed links in your email as I will not be able to view those. :wiggle: