1. B

    Asked to retake the SAT, will I be able to in time?

    Hello! For context, I’m currently AD and applying through the LEAD program. From high school I have a 1360 SAT (640M/720R) which the portal converted to (32M, 38R, 34W). I finished everything for my application and received an email today confirming receipt of my AF Form 1786, but it also...
  2. C

    LEAD Program C/O 2024 Thread

    Here is a thread for the Enlisted Airmen who are applying for USAFA or USAFPS and entering 2020. Using this thread, we can help each other out with questions, issues, and other knowledge. Resources CAO 25MAY2019: USAFA LEAD Page LEAD Handbook AF Form 1786 (Nomination) Instructions to...
  3. BonoDex

    LEAD Program Advice

    Hello, I am currently in tech school and have been highly interested in the USAFA since high school, but didn't take the opportunity to apply. Now that I am enlisted and know about the LEAD program, I am extremely excited to begin preparations for applying. I would just like some advice as far...
  4. Jen2277

    Lead Program to USAFA/USAFAPS

    I'm applying to USAFA through the LEAD program and I was wondering if anyone knows or is someone who is attending USAFA/USAFAPS? I was wondering what their status was when they applied (SAT/ACT, high school GPA, college?, leadership roles, CFA, etc...). I'm really hoping to attend USAFA or the...
  5. RomanEmpire

    LEAD Candidate - DEROS curtailment??

    Hello, I am looking for some advice from Prior Enlisted Airman that got accepted to the Air Force Academy but was stationed overseas. I currently have a DEROS that is set to expire in Feb 2020 and if I were to be accepted to the Academy I would be leaving around June-July of 2019. Would I have...
  6. S


    Hi! My name is Shahmir, and I am a future MAVNI enlistee (By the way, I know that MAVNI is currently postponed however I already have a contract I just have to complete my SSBI and then I am off to BCT). I was wondering if I could go from MAVNI to USAFA through the LEAD program given that I...
  7. M

    AFROTC LEAD (Field Training) Bag Drag

    Hi all, I'll be going to LEAD this summer and have a bag drag coming up next week. Aside from the listed required items, what do y'all recommend? (Especially if you have been to FT in the previous years) Thanks!
  8. T

    2017 AFROTC LEAD Info

    Just a thread for cadets to post information that they have been told about LEAD.
  9. M

    AFROTC LEAD Manual

    The 2017 LEAD (Leadership Evaluation and Development) manual has been released: https://www.docdroid.net/D5abI7w/lead-2017-v2.pdf.html The biggest difference I've noticed so far is that there is only one FA administered on TD-2 and if you fail it you get an unsatisfactory on your LEADPR but...
  10. M

    Enlisted Direct Entry vs Prep School

    I completed my application to the Academy through the LEAD program in mid-October, and like so many others, I'm now just waiting to hear back. My academic scores were as follows: SAT EBRW: 720 SAT Math: 710 HS GPA 3.97 Rank: 4/87 I've also done 18 college credits with a 4.0 GPA in the past year...
  11. B

    Rock and a hard place

    Hello, I'm a student about to enlist in the Air Force and have recently been interested in applying to the academy while I am in there. In terms of academics, I feel confident when I apply but unfortunately it will be lacking something crucial which is sports. I have only played JV soccer my...
  12. K

    Current Enlisted Airman--LEAD

    Hello All, I am FTA at my base for about 3 months--I heard about the LEAD program from a friend and started doing some research; after a few weeks of pondering whether or not I wanted to apply, I decided to do it! The major thing holding me back is my academic profile...My SAT scores are pretty...
  13. G

    Questions Prior E's

    So, I head out to BMT on September 13. After BMT I plan on preparing myself to be a competitive LEAD applicant. In high school, I was an exchange student for a year, which caused my GPA to drop. I graduated with a 3.3. I did a year of college before enlisting and ended with a 2.6. How can I...