naval academy prep school

  1. NeptunePride

    NAPS info?

    Hello everybody, I received an offer for NAPS last week. Which I accepted. I completed all of the required documents on my portal: body alterations form, criminal background check, vaccinations, etc. they are not anymore on my portal. I haven’t received my physical acceptance letter from them...
  2. U

    Quick Summarization of SAPs needed!

    Hey guys, I am currently in the middle of researching SAs and learning more about them. I aspire to attend USNA and other potential SAs. Can someone give me a quick brief rundown of how a prep school works for the service academies and what the benefits are from taking it as opposed to just...
  3. N

    Current NAPSter, taking questions

    Hey everyone, I am currently a NAPSter (applied for class of 2022, am now Navy CO 2023) and I got appointed here around this time last year. I remember being thouroughly confused about NAPS and I did not figure out anything until actually going through it. I would have loved to have known a...
  4. N

    NAPS Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    Congrats to everyone who has been notified of their offer of appointment to the Naval Academy Preparatory School for the Class of 2019. If you would like, please post your information as follows: # posted / profile name / self-DD-DS / date notified of NAPS offer / Accepted,Declined,Undecided /...
  5. U

    How competitive am I for an appointment to NAPS?

    Hello, after speaking to my Blue and Gold officer, he believes I am pretty competitive for an appointment to USNA, and is almost positive that if I were denied, I would receive an appointment to NAPS, but I want to hear what other people think. I currently go to a magnet high school, I am in the...
  6. R

    USNA Prep 2016/17?

    Is there anybody else headed to prep in July? I feel like I'm the only one!