NAPS Class of 2019 Appointment Thread


Nov 28, 2017
Congrats to everyone who has been notified of their offer of appointment to the Naval Academy Preparatory School for the Class of 2019. If you would like, please post your information as follows:

# posted / profile name / self-DD-DS / date notified of NAPS offer / Accepted,Declined,Undecided / State-District / Direct entry or Prior Enlisted
There are a couple of FB pages set up for those accepted into Naval Academy Prep School, “NAPS Class of 2019 - Midshipman and Coast Guard Candiates” & one for the Parents, “NAPS Class of 2019 - Parents only”.
Lucky the Mid that has a NAPS Roommate or Company Mate. All were great Plebe year and knew the drill. They were great kids. Congrats to all Napsters, although they all tend to stay together on I-Day on Stribling.
My son Accepted his appointment to the Naval Academy Preparatory Class of 2019 on Sunday , January 28,2018 right after my wife and I and his little sister and him prayed about it before we went to Church. He is so excited and ready to meet his Naps class of 2019 classmates !
Question to those getting into NAPS. Are those getting in recruited athletes??? My son actually hopes he gets NAPS over a direct shot at USNA to better prepare him academically. He is qualified but struggles with higher math right now and hopes a year at NAPS will help. Son is an athlete and has talked with coaches, but is not being “recruited”. I have heard the a lot of athletes go to NAPS. Just wondering. Congrats on the golden ticket!!!! We are not so patiently waiting...
Congrats Tigernation! Please copy the latest list above your post and add your info to it so we can keep a running list of NAPS appointees.
AB5397, My son is a recruited track and field athlete (pole vault). His test scores were a bit low for direct entry to USNA, so he was offered NAPS. He is very familiar with USNA, as his 3 older siblings attended/attend USNA, but he's our first to attend NAPS. Should be an exciting ride!
AB5397 our son got his Appointment from the Naval Academy process, he was not a Recruited Athlete, but he does run track &cross country.
Newport can be very, very cold. Gear Up and good luck. My DD had some best Company friends that were NAPSTERS. It is a great town if you are wearing those Dress Whites on Thames Street.