How competitive am I for an appointment to NAPS?

Nov 2, 2016
Hello, after speaking to my Blue and Gold officer, he believes I am pretty competitive for an appointment to USNA, and is almost positive that if I were denied, I would receive an appointment to NAPS, but I want to hear what other people think. I currently go to a magnet high school, I am in the science magnet and it is a very advanced school, making class ranks more competitive. My education throughout high school has been very STEM focused, but my freshman and sophomore year I got lots of B's and C's, because I didn't take high school very seriously. My junior and currently senior year I have done extremely well in school and have gotten almost only A's. I just finished my first semester of my senior year, so I do not know what my new GPA is, but before this semester it was a 3.34 and class rank of 48 out of 158. I have an ACT of 28, subscores of 29 on everything including writing except for science, got a 24 on that. I am the Commanding Officer for my school's Marine Corps JROTC unit, president of our International Thespian Society Troupe, representative for feminist club, flute section leader since freshman year, junior varsity soccer - offensive midfield starter, work 5 days out of the week at a pizza restaurant, am a female minority, bilingual, and a first generation American. I also live in Wichita, Kansas so it is not as competitive as a state. I only received a nomination from my Congressman, my Senator sent me a letter a couple days ago telling me they gave my nomination away because I received one from my Congressman. There are also only 9 of us now competing for an appointment because one of us was given an early appointment to USAFA and accepted. I would take a nomination to NAPS in a heartbeat, but I just wanted to know how likely I would be to get one. My CFA scores also were pretty average.
Lots of views but no answer so I will bite. You Blue and Gold Officer is one of your best sources of information so listen to what he is telling you. Read all of the other threads about people who have gotten prep school offers. There are several different reasons for going to prep school instead of being a direct admit. Your ACT scores are around the 50th percentile and coupled with the Bs and Cs your academic record is not as strong as many candidates. This may be why your B&G Officer is talking about Prep School. None of us can tell you your exact chances so keep working on your plan B. Good Luck!