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  1. JohnMcLane

    NROTC Marine Option MO Board Results 2022-23

    My kid went through the 14-18 NOV 2022 board for the NROTC Marine Option scholarship (Region 6 if that is relevant?). I would love to hear when anyone gets results from this board and how they got them or if you have insight into when results will be released. This first board is the toughest...
  2. abbyad01


    I was a recipient of the 2019 nrotc marine option 4 year scholarship. I was awarded the scholarship during the second board review in March 2019. I was declined for the first board that takes place around late November - early December. This post will be for information that I wish I knew while...
  3. abbyad01

    Info on NROTC Scholarship Results??

    I was part of the early decision board for this year’s NROTC MO Scholarship but I have yet to hear back good or bad news. I am aware that the west coast and a bunch of other states have had their results announced but I haven’t heard anyone from Florida get their results yet? I reside in FL and...
  4. D


    Already completed online application as well as the officer interview for NROTC-MO scholarship but I’m just looking to see if anyone knows the general PFT score range for the four year recipients. Took the PFT four times, improving each time, and on my last one scored a 246. Breakdown: 14...
  5. S

    NROTC-MO Scholarship Results?

    My SSgt said that the board finished convening this past week. Any idea of when I will hear back? I applied for the last board. I've gotten better PFT scores after training with the poolees at my local RSS but unfortunately it's too late to send my newest scores. I'm starting the process of...
  6. S

    What are my chances of getting NROTC-MO Scholarship?

    I am a senior in high school. I have a 4.23 cumulative GPA (3.87 unweighted) and have been a member of the National Honor Society since 2016. I am in the top 10% of my class. I just want to keep my options open because I applied for AROTC and if I don't get NROTC-MO I'll apply for PLC or OCC...
  7. N

    NROTC Ranks and Promotions

    Hello, I am a high school senior who will be attending SDSU as a Marine Option Midshipman under the NROTC scholarship. I am wondering how the ranks work. Are there opportunities besides moving up to the next school year to get promoted? How does one become an Midshipman Officer? Also, do these...
  8. O

    NROTC MO Minorities

    Just a quick question for anyone who has insight into the NROTC MO Program. Does the Marine Corps still have a specific number of minority applicants they aim to put on scholarship? I read somewhere that in 2010 they were supposed to give around 99 scholarships to Minorities. Thank you in advance!
  9. rocatlin

    NROTC Marine Option -- on stats, interviews, intangibles

    NROTC Marine Option -- on stats, interviews, intangibles With the Marine Option board questions coming around, I decided to share/"declassify" my son's experience and give my thoughts and impressions on the process. I'll start out by posting an often referenced link to a blog post by one of...