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  1. amc

    NROTC NSI 2021

    I know that the 2020 NSI was cancelled. Does anyone know if there will be one for this upcoming summer? I received the 4-year scholarship, and I have not received word on whether there will be NSI this summer. Thank you
  2. 8

    Senior Military Schools and NSI

    Hello all, I am currently a NROTC MO scholarship holder at a senior military school. Last summer we were notified that we would be going to NSI and then later notified we would not be going. That made sense considering we would receive extremely similar training/stress-testing during our 4th...
  3. H

    Are Stats available for how many offered/ Accepted Scholarships per Branch ?

    Hello - just curious if statistics are yet out on how many scholarships were offered/ accepted per branch of ROTC for those starting their ROTC training this summer/ fall? While I"m asking - there are references to 900 kids attending NSI at Great Lakes this summer - 500 now and 400 more in...
  4. abbyad01


    I was awarded the 4 year NROTC MO Scholarship and I am out here looking for any more information on what to expect for the upcoming New Student Indoctrination. I have been assigned to the first cycle (July 2-22). My assigned school is the University of North Florida, but my NROTC Unit is through...
  5. MinnMom

    New Student Indoctrination (Summer 2019)

    Looking for any insight on dates for the 'must attend and complete New Student Indoctrination during summer prior to reporting to your assigned unit'... as I've culled through these threads, I see that this may only be the second year of this requirement. I'm not finding anything more...