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    Peanut Allergy Qualification?

    How do I clear the DODMERB with a mild peanut allergy (no anaphylactic reaction/rash)? If I get immunotherapy treatment for peanuts, would that qualify as waiverable material? Or if I get tested and found to have outgrown the allergy, would that qualify as well? My symptoms are not life...
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    Qualified with Severe Peanut Allergy

    Since I've been seeing a lot of questions regarding peanut allergies and DODMERB I thought it would be a good idea to post my story here. I was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy in 2006 (11.2/100 IgE with an upward trend) which was confirmed over several blood tests spanning from 2006 to...
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    Peanut Allergy Waiver Granted Through Peanut Immunotherapy

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this website, but I wanted to share some amazing news. Last year, I was an applicant to 3 of the 5 Service Academies and was also, I was awarded an Air Force ROTC Commander's Scholarship out of high school. Last year, I received crushing news that I was medically...
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    Chances of Peanut Allergy DQ

    I'm an AS200 in AFROTC. I have my DoDMERB appointments coming up in a few weeks. I have a minor allergy to peanuts. I can eat small amounts of them, all that happens is when I have too much I get a rash on my arm. I'm constantly exposed to them at home, cross contamination on a daily basis, and...