1. pay10

    Pending VS Complete Pending Review

    Hi guys, I have seen quite a few threads about Pending and Complete Pending Review. Mine currently says Pending. I am a reapplicant but I cannot remember when my portal said this last year. Is there a big difference between the two? Is it better to have Complete Pending Review rather than...
  2. N

    AFROTC Penicillin Allergy

    So I have been DQ'd for a history of shoulder dislocation. Luckily I am fortunate enough to have had two corrective surgeries and I am just as good as before. However, I am submitting the remedial for my waiver and I have come across a slight problem. DoDMERB needs a clinical note from my...
  3. A

    LOA with nomination-- pending waiver

    Hello All, I am in need of some advice with my application process. I have had an LOA since early March and have been deemed medically disqualified since February 23rd. I am a recruited athlete and currently have an offer to another university with a big scholarship (that can be taken away any...