AFROTC Penicillin Allergy


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Feb 18, 2018
So I have been DQ'd for a history of shoulder dislocation. Luckily I am fortunate enough to have had two corrective surgeries and I am just as good as before. However, I am submitting the remedial for my waiver and I have come across a slight problem.
DoDMERB needs a clinical note from my Doctor addressing that my shoulder is fine. However, it will reveal that I have a penicillin allergy, even though in actuality I do not. My fear is that I will get DQ'd for a penicillin allergy I do not have, but on record I do have.
My question is, does the Air Force even disqualify and not grant waivers for a penicillin allergy? Or should I not be worried because they will overlook the allergy since it is not why they are looking at on the clinical note?
I wouldn't worry about it because Dodmerb won't DQ for penicillin allergy...DD has been through process twice now and is allergic with no DQ either time for it. You do want to clear that up in your records however since it is inaccurate.
As mentioned, penicillin allergy should not be a DQ, however, I would have your shoulder doctor write a new letter commenting on shoulder only, and it needs to be stronger than simply assessing that your shoulder is fine. His letter needs to address that your corrective surgeries were 100% successful, you have full range of motion, no future risk of dislocation, and specify that you are completely cleared for all activity including activities concerning military training and service.