1. M

    Go through OSUT or wait for ROTC contract

    Hello, I'm an MSII at my schools AROTC Batallion. I fell like I'm in a very very critical moment of decision making in my life and would like some wisdom passed down or any advice. So basically, I enlisted in July of 2018 with my programs NG Recruiter. Ever since then, I've been drilling at RSP...
  2. J

    Request for Personal Statement

    Hi everyone, I just spoke with the medical tech at DODMERB a month after my initial physical exam, and was told that instead of DQ'ing me, they want a personal statememt regarding my history of scoliosis (no longer have it). What should I write in this letter? Is it possible I'll get DQ'd...
  3. sherrie

    Class of 2022 Congrats! You did it! Recognition is here

    CONGRATS to all the Cadets/ Doolies of the Class of 2022! You have stuck it out you have been giving it your all, mentally and physically since June 2018! Today starts your 48 hours of Recognition.... You have earned your Prop and Wings. It is finally here. You Got this! You have the...
  4. K

    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Just received my nomination to USMA from Jay Inslee (WA-01)! Now the wait.... Anyone else hear from Washington?!
  5. M

    Physical fitness assment scorecard how to send in

    I took the test today and got the coach to be there and sign off on it. I sent his email to cadet command but I don’t think he got it yet so should I try faxing it to them? Or taking a pic of it and then uploading it myself?
  6. flyblu


    So, I have been working out regularly for a few years. This year I did the most in physical area... Last month I began running 1.5 mile every other day and the days in between are for sit-ups/push ups. Push ups and sit ups are my weaknesses. I am also underweight for my height. I was wondering...
  7. J

    Want to join ROTC as a Sophomore

    Hi everyone, I would like to join ROTC as a sophomore. I was wondering how the process goes compared to MEPS. Is a Med Read done first or the actual physical? How would I qualify for a scholarship? Some more personal info: I have a history of scoliosis - no longer have it. Unfortunately, got a...
  8. A

    Hearing DQ

    Hi! I intend on enrolling in Army ROTC this Fall as a freshman. I already started my dodmerb as I was initially applying to USMA, but I have a DQ for my right ear. I can only hear 25% ish in it, but my other ear makes up for it and meets Army regulations, according to my ear surgeon who did some...
  9. J

    Waiver for DoDMERB, but what about AFSC?

    During AFROTC, if someone get's DQ for DoDMERB but gets a waiver, do they then have to do the same thing when they get their AFSC? Let's say you took the DoDMERB, got DQ, got a waiver and now you got a slot as a Missileer one year later, but need a Flight Class III physical. Do you have to go...
  10. N

    DODMERDB Results

    How long after the physical and eye exam will my DD find out her results? She has a conditional language scholarship to UNG in the fall.