Waiver for DoDMERB, but what about AFSC?

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    During AFROTC, if someone get's DQ for DoDMERB but gets a waiver, do they then have to do the same thing when they get their AFSC? Let's say you took the DoDMERB, got DQ, got a waiver and now you got a slot as a Missileer one year later, but need a Flight Class III physical. Do you have to go through the physical and get another waiver? If that one gets DQ do you get to apply for another AFSC
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    Last time I checked, missileers don’t need flight physicals (someone feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken). Hence the reason I never understood why misileers are issued flight suits when they’re not job required.
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    If you need an FC physical it is different than a DoDMERB exam. In essence it is a more stringent exam. You maybe waived for a DoDMERB exam, but not for an FC physical. FC physicals are under the realm of the FAA. This is not to say that the medical condition you had waived by AFROTC will not be waived again, it is only to say that the condition is worse than the FAA will allow. If this occurs than they will reassign you into a new AFSC. (Caveat if the condition has remained the same).

    This is why they will do the FAA FC physical over the summer because if you do not pass it and cannot get a waiver they will submit yout name for a non-rated position as an AS400.