preliminary application

  1. un_pajaro

    How long does preliminary application takes to be reviewed?

    I submitted my preliminary application in mid April and got the confirmation email that it was submitted. I have yet to receive any updates so I am a bit worried unless that just my paranoia.
  2. Ckrash

    ACT Scores for Preliminary Applications [USNA]

    I just wanted to get some additional voices on this topic since I want to ensure I cover all bases before doing this. I intend to apply for the quickly upcoming Preliminary Application in April of this year. From what I have seen, it seems like the ACT/SAT scores are self reported and not...
  3. un_pajaro

    PCQ - what does "Interested In Applying For Airforce ROTC Scholarship" specifically mean

    Hello, on the PCQ, there is a question "Are you also interested In Applying For Airforce ROTC Scholarship?". What does that specifically mean? I assume that for the airforce rotc scholarship that is a separate application.
  4. un_pajaro

    To wait for ACT testing for preliminary application or no?

    Hello, been lurking around here before but made an account just now. I am applying for class of 2028, and in the preliminary application I noticed that the standardized testing is optional. I already have ACT tests scheduled in the summer, so I am wondering if I should wait for the ACT tests to...
  5. G

    Waitlisted for USNA summer seminar - still fill out preliminary application?

    Hi, My daughter got waitlisted for the USNA summer seminar. Does she still need to fill out a preliminary application? She hasn't received any follow up emails on next steps in application process or a candidate number. Thank you!
  6. W

    Prelim Application

    Backstory on me: I am a sophomore in college. My high school grades were not good. I was ranked 49 out of a class of 71, but have since completely turned my life around. I am doing well in college and have a much stronger work ethic. I just filled out my prelim application for the Academy. my...
  7. H

    Preliminary Application

    Around December of last year I applied for NASS, hoping that an earlier application would give me a decent shot at attending the program, and, foolishly, I had submitted my applications prior to taking my SAT or ACT. After reading more in depth about it, I understand they use scores from one or...