push ups

  1. S

    CFA Video

    Hi everyone, I have almost all my application completed for west point. the only thing I have left is the cfa video. We forgot to record when I took my cfa test. My question is whether or not I have to hit the same numbers I did for my last cfa(15/16 pull ups and 57 push up) for the video. Am...
  2. N

    Choosing Between 2 CFA Results

    CFA 1: 71ft basketball throw 82 sit-ups 58 push-ups CFA 2: 79ft basketball throw 76 sit-ups 63 push-ups Takeaways: I took the CFA twice and wanted some advice on which score I should go with. I improved my basketball throw by 8 feet and push-ups by 5 reps on the second attempt, but I lost 6...
  3. NetGAIN

    Women's fitness scores

    I'm a senior in high school and I took the AFROTC fitness test a few days ago. My scores were as follows: 42 - 1 min pushups 31 - 1 min sit-ups 13:39 - 1.5 mile time Is this good? I'm done with trying the 1.5 mile but I'd love some pointers on how to get my 8:25 mile time to 7:30 within a month...
  4. chrisrcollege

    Poor CFA Scores

    Hello everyone, I am a Cross Country, Track & Field, and PT team member. I'm varsity for both Cross and a Track, and have very strong PT scores. Yesterday I took my CFA with my JROTC instructor... I did awful. Pull Ups: 6 (couldn't do the seventh fully) Bball Throw : 58 feet Push Ups : 46 Sit...