1. N

    Reapplying/Readmission into The Citadel

    Hello I am trying to go back to The Citadel. I was at The Citadel in 2021 and 2022 unfortunately I had trouble with the room inspection part and had to leave both times. I did Seacadets since I was 14 years old to when I was 18 and achieved the rank of Po2. I also went to Jrotc CLC at The...
  2. U

    College Re-Applicant DODMERB

    Father of 2021 Firstie and now have a DD who re-applied after getting waitlisted last year. All of the app is complete and checked off except for the medical since early Feb. She has improved on all aspects of her application so we are keeping fingers crossed that will push her over the line...
  3. N

    CFA Mile Run

    Hello, my name is **REMOVED** and I am a reapplicant applying to be in the USNA or USAFA Class of 2024. I am currently at Georgia Tech doing Army ROTC. I am posting this thread because of my desperation over the mile run on the CFA. I was recently asked to retake the CFA because of my mile time...
  4. A

    NROTC Scholarship and Reapplication to USNA

    Hello, I have a question regarding the reapplication process to USNA and the acceptance of an NROTC scholarship. I am currently applying to the Naval Academy for the class of 2024. If I don't get an appointment, my plan B is to apply for a 4-year NROTC scholarship and reapply to the Naval...
  5. D

    Non School-Sponsored Sports

    Hi all, just have a quick question about school-sponsored vs non school sponsored competitive sports. A quick background: I applied my senior year of high school and lost my admission because of a failure in the paperwork of a blood test. Since then, in starting my sophomore year of college, I...
  6. fullspeedahead

    Candidate Activities Record

    Hello all, I am a current reapplicant about to enter my first year of college. I just had a quick question about the Candidate Activities Record in terms of entering new data for extracurricular activities in college. The form only gives the option for activites and sports completed during 10th...
  7. N

    Secretary of Army and ROTC nominations

    My DS is AROTC with a 4 year scholarship and considering reapplying to USMA. He is eligible for an nomination from the Secretary of the Army (for participation in ROTC) and ROTC. Are those separate nominations? Can he apply for Sec Army and not ROTC? Just curious how this all works. Thanks.
  8. T

    Possible LOA - Reapplicant for Class of 2023

    I just got a call from an admissions officer and she is willing to offer me a letter of assurance (LOA); however, as a reapplicant she stated that I must first pass the CFA! So, the CFA is my top priority at the moment. My DODMERB is complete and now I am just in the waiver process with USMA. I...
  9. A

    Re-Applicant Process DODMERB

    Good evening, I haven’t been able to find any information on this in the forum or anywhere, so I am posting here. I am currently a reapplicant to USNA. Will DODMERB re-use any of the information I put on my past DODMERB Questionnaire? Or will I have to fill out new forms, and they’ll only look...
  10. A

    Re-applying to USAFA & USCGA

    Currently, I am a Junior in high school and about to be a Senior. I currently have a 3.7 weighted GPA and a 3.4 unweighted with a 25 ACT Composite 20 English/31 Math/22 Reading/ 30 Science. Now I am applying to the above-listed academies, but have accepted the fact that with those scores I will...
  11. R

    College Letter of Recommendation Questions

    I'm a current college freshman thinking about reapplying to USNA as a college sophomore. I realize the application process is a while away, but I'm trying to get my ducks in line ahead of time. My biggest concern right now is what I should do for a letter of recommendation from an English...
  12. F

    Essentially rejected and in need of clarification for my plan next year.

    Hey, Thanks to everyone on here who helped me with my application to the USNA last year. I received no nomination so I know I'm going to be rejected. Next year I do plan to reapply (following all the procedures layed out on the USNA's website) but I have a few questions. 1. When I reapply for...
  13. R

    Readmission 2 years later

    I was a yuk who left in December 2015. I resigned for a variety of reasons. I wasn't the best academically. I had my difficulties physically. On top of that i got hurt. All and all i wasnt ready for the academy, i took my opportunity for granted. I wasnt focused and i paid the price. Now I have...
  14. AeroJH

    Reapplicant College GPA

    Good morning everybody, A quick question on how USAFA admissions looks at college GPA for reapplicants. What is considered a competitive college GPA? I am a declared Aerospace Engineering major currently taking a 20 credit course load. The classes I am taking are Calculus 1, Physics 1, Intro...
  15. AeroJH

    Reapplicant, looking to improve resume

    First off, a big thank you to this site. Such great information and the help from others has been outstanding. Earlier this year in April I received the denial letter from the Air Force Academy. Since then I have inspected every aspect of my resume and have taken lots of steps to gain...
  16. M

    C/O 2020 Reapplicants

    Hello! I am a freshman @ Worcester Polytechnic Institute in MA. I am also in the NROTC program. Just curious if any other re-applicants have heard back yet. I spoke with admissions and they said that they do not review re-applicant packages until January, but i wasn't sure if they started...