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    AROTC PFA Scores

    Should I retake the PFA? Scores: Push ups: 58 Curl ups: 67 Mile run: 7:02 Thank you
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    How important are PFA score?

    I injured my shoulder and knee due to track practice and my scores are lower than what I’d usually get. At the moment, I have a score of 63 for push-ups (44 repetitions), a 71 for situps (60 repetitions), and a 60 for the 2 mile run (15:54). How big of a factor is the PFA for ROTC scholarship...
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    Army Curl-Ups Confusion

    Hello, I am finishing up my AROTC Scholarship application but was confused when I got to the PFA portion. In one link, it says to have your hands over your head with fingers locked when doing the curl ups. In another link, it says you should have your arms across your chest, like the USMA CFA...
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    PFA-Air force and Navy ROTC application assessment

    Hello, I have completed everything on my NROTC and AFROTC applications besides the PFA. Since I'm a dual enrollment student I have not attended my high school for a couple of years and I don't know any of the PE teachers. I see that on the AFROTC AFA it says that it must be a high school...