sat/act score sends

  1. E

    SAT Score Submission

    So I am planning on taking the SAT in May but I most likely won't get the score that I want to get due to a lack of studying however, I noticed that I can take the SAT mid-August 2023 and over summer I can study a lot more. I'm wondering if submitting my score late August will affect my...
  2. W

    Unable to complete/submit application

    All checks are green, but one- but unable to submit SAT/ACT scores and unable to reach anyone via email of phone to resolve. Everything else done, but still no DODMERB. Concerned with deadline in days.
  3. E

    SATs or ACTs?

    Good Morning Everyone, I am a high school senior who has applied for the class of 2023 at the USMMA. I am from Connecticut and I received a congressional nomination on my first interview (I signed up for 3), to which I am also a 'hold' candidate. With that being said I also do not have an LOA...
  4. birdwatcher4125

    Sending SAT/ACT Scores to ALL of Your State's US Congressmen?

    Greetings, My DS is applying to USMMA and we discovered that he can apply for a nomination to ALL eight of our state's US Congressmen. But, that means sending additional SAT & ACT score reports to seven additional congressmen, which amounts to a $175 expense that I wasn't planning on. I'm...