1. D

    2026 State Nominations Thread

    Does anyone have experience applying for a nomination with Sen. Feinstein? There is mixed information. Some places it says to email all information and others it asks for USPS mail. We just want to be sure to get it right.
  2. G

    Anyone wanna critique my nomination essay for Senators?

    Hello, I'm from California and I will be turning in nomination applications to both senators pretty soon, so if anyone would like to give me any feedback that would be greatly appreciated. Please PM me if you would like to(for obvious reasons). Thank You Very Much! P.S. Good Luck...
  3. N

    USAFA 'Partial' Nomination

    Long story short, I had received a nomination from my representative however, I just received a letter from one of my senators saying that if my representative had NOT nominated me, he would have nominated me. Is this letter something I should make aware to the academy and does it even look...
  4. H

    When do nominations come out?

    Does anyone know if each congressman releases his/her notifications at the same time? Or will some be notified sooner than others?
  5. FØB Zero

    When can a Teacher Submit Letters of Rec?

    Hello friends, When is the letter of recommendation spot open for noms? (Can we submit them mid summer?) Can my teacher submit nomination letters at the same time as the academy letters of rec in mid summer? What month best to ask my junior yr teachers to write a rec (since during summer...
  6. R

    Which Senator gave a Nomination?

    On my USMA portal it says I received a nomination from RI61. Does anyone know which Senator from Rhode Island it is?
  7. S

    How should a congressperson be addressed in a letter of recommendation?

    I have several people writing letters of recommendation for me for service academy nomination applications. How should they address those letters to the congressperson? I've seen several ways online... -Dear Senator John Doe, -To whom it may concern, -Dear Board of Nominations, -Dear Honorable...
  8. M

    How soon should you contact your local Representative, Senator, or Governor?

    1. How soon should you contact your local Representative, Senator, or Governor? 2. Also once you do contact them, how do you build a relationship with said person? Are there beneficial volunteering opportunities available or things I can do to strengthen a relationship between them prior to...
  9. A

    Arizona Senator Flake?

    Has anyone got their acceptance or declined letters from Senator Flake yet? All of our eggs are in his basket, so I would love to hear if anyone else has heard back from the office yet, so we can start looking to Congressmen or Women. Thanks in advance
  10. J

    LOA but no Nomination...

    In a state of disbelief right now. I went through my congressman's nomination process relatively confident due to receiving an LOA beforehand as well as being told by admissions that I am one of, if not the best in my district. My application was great, the interview was "meh" (Not bad, but...
  11. B

    Nomination Interviews: What to Expect?

    I will be attending three separate congressional interviews for potential nominations, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to expect at these interviews? Is it similar to, for instance, the USAFA ALO interview (in terms of question types)? Anything anybody has regarding the...
  12. tommyboy44

    MOC Board Interviews

    Hello everyone. Though this announcement is less than stellar compared to some of the appointments and LOA's going out, today I was noticed by my Congressman and both of my Senators that I have been selected for nomination interviews. All three of these interviews are a board interview style...
  13. 6

    Pennsylvania nominations

    Any word from Pennsylvania?