1. U

    Nass after Stem

    I recently attached the summer stem program as a rising sophomore and absolutely loved it! I now also want to go to nass in two years. I and am wondering if I applied and went to stem again next year, would that hurt my chances at getting into nass? I am unsure if I should apply due to the...
  2. K

    Advice and Switching from NROTC to ROTC

    Hello. I'm a freshman and MIDN 4/C in university currently on a 4-year NROTC Scholarship. My intended major (Public Affairs and History) has absolutely nothing to do with STEM and I have zero interest in calculus and physics; when I realized that I must complete certain calculus and physics...
  3. R

    AROTC Commissioning Options

    I am going to be a MS3 in AROTC. In a year from now, I will be at summer training deciding which direction I want to go after commissioning. My scholarship offers a lot of options. I can choose Active Duty, Reserves, or National Guard. I understand there are a lot of factors that play into OML...
  4. Army_Dad

    Summer STEM

    Has anyone heard of any February selections? Thank you
  5. USNAismyplace

    STEM Acceptance

    Just got accepted to STEM with my twin from the wait list, now we have to confirm our travel plans by Tuesday, and figure out if we can take our final exams early. So, I have a question. I have visited USNA multiple times, so if I go to STEM will I see more of the school than I would on a tour...