STEM Acceptance


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Jan 6, 2017
Just got accepted to STEM with my twin from the wait list, now we have to confirm our travel plans by Tuesday, and figure out if we can take our final exams early. So, I have a question. I have visited USNA multiple times, so if I go to STEM will I see more of the school than I would on a tour from a grad? What have other people liked or disliked about the program?
You will get to eat in King Hall, live in Bancroft and study and take classes all day in the academic buildings. Even on a tour with a grad, you won't get that view over an extended period of time. It will not give you a view into what daily life is like as a Mid. STEM has a variety of ages and its academic based. Yes you live, eat, sleep where Mids do and interact with Mids daily, Which gives exposure.
Going to STEM won't cause you to be admitted. However, it can connect you to leaders who can advise and guide you in helpful ways; it can inspire you to do whatever is necessary to prepare the best application possible for being admitted; it can introduce you to people who actually know what the Academy is looking for in an applicant. And it can connect you to mids who will keep advising you along the way. This what happened for me. I'm going to NASS session 2, and have started my application and my requests for nomination. Any help you can get in this long process is helpful. So if you feel like STEM could support you in your journey, then go for it.
I loved STEM! You start to make connections with mids and learn about their experiences and how they got into the academy.