1. D

    Four-Year Scholarship awardee outside scholarship question

    If an out-of-state student in army ROTC received a four-year scholarship for arotc, are they able to receive full out-of-state tuition regardless of scholarship from other sources? For example, tuition would only cost the cadet 3k a semester after outside scholarships, but the cadet is an out of...
  2. J

    Graduate School (Clinical Psych, PsyD) - Tuition Assistance

    Hi everyone, I am currently an Army NG SMP cadet and junior in college and will be applying to graduate programs for clinical psychology this summer into fall 2020. A big factor of where I end up will be based on the funding I receive for the program. How does tuition assistance work for...
  3. B

    Tuition 2019-2020 Not paid by Army yet

    My daughter is a 4-year national scholarship winner. Due to the budget delays, she did not start receiving her stipend until January. It is nearly then end of February and the army has not paid her tuition for the first or second semester yet. Apparently, this is also the case for all of the...
  4. J

    Out of state to In state tuition ROTC

    Hi everyone, I am a non-commissioned cadet, who joined Army ROTC last month and was offered in-state tuition. My battalions Commanding Officer had told me about it and said I should receive in-state tuition even though im not contracted yet. But, It would be through GI benefits, but I do not...
  5. P

    How do tuition payments work with my AROTC scholarship?

    From all that I've heard, I don't receive any funds from the army until after my first semester of school? How does this work with a four-year AROTC scholarship? Does the Army back pay that first semester? Will my parents have to cover the first semester out of pocket (at least initially before...
  6. E

    Off Topic- National Guard Help

    I've been interested in joining an academy in the past but had changed my mind to potentially joining the national guard. From that experience, I know this is a great forum for help and I couldn't find any other good forums for asking questions. If anybody can, can someone tell me the success...
  7. C

    AROTC 5th year of benefits

    Hi all, I was accepted for a 4 year AROTC scholarship for CU Boulder. I am planning to double major in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science. The way the course sequences shake out, I would need a fifth year of school to complete both majors. During my PMS interview, my interviewer...
  8. P

    Will some schools throw in Room and Board if you apply your scholarship to their school?

    I was super thankful to be awarded an ROTC scholarship last week. If I understand correctly, ROTC pays the schools that you get accepted into the full cost of tuition. So... I've heard that it makes sense for many schools to throw in room and board to get you to come to their school. Any tips on...
  9. A

    Non-ROTC Scholarship Payment Process

    I am a senior in high school, and I was awarded an AFROTC Type 1 Commander's Scholarship to my school of choice last September. I then accepted it when I was admitted to the school mid-January. While the scholarship does cover all my tuition needs, the monthly stipend and book allowance will not...
  10. Backtrack

    Financial aid?

    I believe this is where I am suppose to ask my question. Hi, I've been thinking about joining ROTC for a while but couldn't make up my mind. I'm a double major in Computer Engineering/Science and my interest in last semesters IEEE South East Conf ended up over turning my interest in classes. I...
  11. A

    AFROTC No Scholarship

    My sister just started school in Nebraska. We're getting conflicting information and can't seem to get any straight answers. She signed up for AFROTC in hopes she could get some kind of scholarship to help pay for school. She has no scholarship as of right now. She is not eligible for a 4 year...
  12. A

    VMI STP and Scholarship

    Hello everyone, I have a questions about VMI's Summer Transition Program with an AROTC 4 year scholarship. Starting to apply to VMI next Thursday when the app opens and have been competing for the scholarship. VMI is my #1 and hopefully will win a scholarship and get it assigned there...
  13. fightingfalcon2020

    AFROTC Type 7 Scholarship Received

    I have just received a type 7 scholarship from AFROTC HQ. Am I right in saying that if I go to the University of Pittsburgh (I live in PA) then it will be a full 4 year scholarship but if I attend Virginia Tech it will turn into a 3 year scholarship??