1. C

    AFROTC - Special Tactics Interest/Schools with prep programs

    Hello all, I recently received my type 1 AFROTC national scholarship, and I am looking into potentially tracking for STO or TACPO. Does anyone have any statistics about how many slots AFROTC gets a year to commission 2nd LTs into Special Tactics? Additionally, I know some schools like Embry...
  2. H

    What academics got you into USAFA?

    As a highschool student hoping to make it to USAFA, I was curious about what got other people into USAFA, (Academics, extracurriculars, SAT/ACT grades) to see what more I could do to make my dreams a reality. Alternatively, if you are USAFA faculty I would love to know what classes and sat...
  3. H

    Usafa Elgibilty

    Hey, I am a 10th grader aiming to go to Usafa and I'm currently on track in terms of academics and extracurriculars, however I skipped a grade and will be 17 by February of my senior year, after the application process is over. I didn't think this was a problem until I read to apply you need to...
  4. N

    Is the AFROTC HSSP Commander's Leadership Scholarship still a thing?

    With the new cutback on HSSP scholarships in favor of ICSP scholarships, there are very few HSSP scholarships compared to what it used to be. I've heard numbers as low as only 500 HSSP scholarships for next year. If this is true and if we assume each Commander at each of the 145 detachments has...
  5. FlyingDog2435

    Questions, Chatter, Congrats for the 2027 USAFA Appointment Thread

    This thread will be dedicated to Questions, Chatter and Congratulations for the Class of 2027!!! All reappointees may also use this thread as they wish. I hope this will turn into a Mini tradition since it has been a great success and it would be great to get it started early! Like last year...
  6. A

    Peanut Stands Between Service and I

    Good Morning, I’m a former Chemistry lecturer turned aviator and I’m motivated to pursue my life-long desire to fly and serve with the USAF. Currently working toward PPL certificate and in my mid twenties. Unfortunately like many other individuals affected with peanut allergies, I’ve been...
  7. FØB Zero

    USAFA Additional Essay (format)

    Howdy, the last essay question on the USAFA application states to enter any additional information that may be useful. Since there are such differing topics I would like to include, do you think it would be OK to split my essay into 2-3 paragraphs without connecting them? I will give an example...
  8. 2

    LEAD Program C/O 2024

    This thread is for prior enlisted Airman to discuss and answer questions for applying to USAFA's class of 2024.
  9. E

    Question about Air force ROTC

    My eyesight has been deteriorating recently, and my correctable vision is now 20/20, but my normal vision is less than 20/200. I want a become Pilot/Navigator. Is my vision still a correctable with PRK Surgery? If It isn't, there's no chance to become Pilot/Navigator?
  10. afrotc2022

    AFROTC PDT: Ops Air Force vs. USAFA ESET

    Hi y'all, I'm a C/4C in AFROTC, and apparently, as a contracted cadet, I have to do Ops Air Force (or some PDT) this summer. I was nominated for USAFA SOAR but didn't make the cut. Our cadre just let us know that there are openings for GMC to go to Expeditionary Survival & Evasion Training...
  11. C

    Should I go Enlist AF or try to commission through AFROTC?

    I've wanted to join the Air Force for a long time. And went to see a recruiter when I was 23. But the recruiter turned me away because I had a GED and no college credits. Since I deeply hated school as a kid and was bullied in school, I promised myself that I would never go back. And the Air...

    USAF AFSC 17D Information

    Hello, Its been a while (a couple years lol) since I posted something here. Hopefully, for those who are interested or know people who are interested in Cyberspace Operations for the USAF you'll find this information helpful. 1. What is a 17D? Someone who is designated the AFSC "17D" is...