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    LEAD Program C/O 2024

    This thread is for prior enlisted Airman to discuss and answer questions for applying to USAFA's class of 2024.
  2. E

    Question about Air force ROTC

    My eyesight has been deteriorating recently, and my correctable vision is now 20/20, but my normal vision is less than 20/200. I want a become Pilot/Navigator. Is my vision still a correctable with PRK Surgery? If It isn't, there's no chance to become Pilot/Navigator?
  3. afrotc2022

    AFROTC PDT: Ops Air Force vs. USAFA ESET

    Hi y'all, I'm a C/4C in AFROTC, and apparently, as a contracted cadet, I have to do Ops Air Force (or some PDT) this summer. I was nominated for USAFA SOAR but didn't make the cut. Our cadre just let us know that there are openings for GMC to go to Expeditionary Survival & Evasion Training...
  4. C

    Should I go Enlist AF or try to commission through AFROTC?

    I've wanted to join the Air Force for a long time. And went to see a recruiter when I was 23. But the recruiter turned me away because I had a GED and no college credits. Since I deeply hated school as a kid and was bullied in school, I promised myself that I would never go back. And the Air...

    USAF AFSC 17D Information

    Hello, Its been a while (a couple years lol) since I posted something here. Hopefully, for those who are interested or know people who are interested in Cyberspace Operations for the USAF you'll find this information helpful. 1. What is a 17D? Someone who is designated the AFSC "17D" is...