usafa 2027

  1. T

    Authorized Items

    Good Day, I am a measley C4C, so I understand that I gave up my rights by entering here (56 days!). However, in the years to come, what sort of things would I be allowed to have? For example, a rug, or a TV? (only for C1Cs, I know) If I'm living in my room, I'd like it to be a little more...
  2. OrionVII

    Application Strength

    Hey Y'all, I'm a Freshman in Alabama at a Technical Vocational High School. I am a Fencer (E rated), currently getting certified as a referee, a member of a library Teen Advisory Board, about two months away from getting my Eagle Scout, have a 4.0 unweighted GPA, play a musical instrument, and...
  3. T

    Eagle Scout

    Hello, I am entering the Air Force Academy as class of '27, and I am wondering about pay/rank upon graduating. I got my eagle scout around 2-3 months ago, but since the application closed Jan 31, I couldn't update that I got eagle scout rank. I read somewhere that eagle scouts enter the military...
  4. I

    Private Pilot's License while at USAFA

    I am an incoming cadet for the Class of 2027 and I have a question about getting my PPL at USAFA.So I have been doing training at home and have started the cross-country portion of my training and have a good bit to go. I am wondering if it is possible to get a PPL during my Doolie year. I am...
  5. J

    Basic Cadet Summer

    I am an incoming basic cadet, and wondering what the full summer schedule will look like. I know I day is June 28th, and that kicks off BCT, but does anyone know the dates of when BCT ends, A-day, and when the academic school year starts? Also, what do cadets do, and is there time to go...
  6. R

    Bad CFA Mile Time

    I just took my CFA and the results came out as follows: - 88ft Basketball Throw - 18 Pull ups - 9.0 Shuttle run - 95 Sit-ups - 65 Push-ups - 8:03 Mile Does anyone know whether or not this is passing? I'm concerned about mainly the mile.
  7. G

    USAFA Portal-Nomination

    Hey, my application has been completed for quite some time now and I have recently received two nominations. I have my third interview next week. However, for one of my nominations I have two check marked bullets titled my congressional districts nomination. My nomination from my senator does no...
  8. blueskies18


    So I had a quick question about the vice-presidential nomination and I wondered if anyone knew a bit about it. I am living in Canada currently, but I am an American citizen, is there any way I can use my parent's past residency as a location to apply for a congressional nomination, or does it...
  9. FlyingDog2435

    Questions, Chatter, Congrats for the 2027 USAFA Appointment Thread

    This thread will be dedicated to Questions, Chatter and Congratulations for the Class of 2027!!! All reappointees may also use this thread as they wish. I hope this will turn into a Mini tradition since it has been a great success and it would be great to get it started early! Like last year...
  10. P

    Transferring to the USAFA: I need advice.

    Hi everyone, Apologies if I am going about this incorrectly: it's my first time on this forum, but I'm searching high and low for some information. 99% of the data I've found on attending the USAFA academy is regarding students going straight from high school. That is not my scenario. I...
  11. C

    "Leadership Program"

    Hello, I am currently applying to the Air Force Academy for the class of 2027, but I have a unique situation: I go to a small school (class size of 20), and this school doesn't offer any clubs, organizations, student newspapers etc, instead they have a "Leadership Program" There are several...
  12. R

    Falcon Foundation USAFA Application

    Hello, I am a Falcon Foundation Scholar and I am somewhat confused about how the application works as a scholar. From people I know, they said that the only things I would have to redo for the next application cycle are the CFA, ALO Interview, and the Nominations. Can someone explain how the...
  13. R

    NWP vs. Randolph-Macon Pros and Cons

    Hello, Yesterday I received confirmation that I was not directly appointed, however, I am a Falcon Foundation Scholar. While slightly disappointed with no direct appointment, I am still happy, proud, and grateful that I am being seen as a viable candidate and to have this golden ticket...
  14. F

    How are Pilot's License and Civil Air Patrol viewed for USAFA/USNA

    If it's not obvious already– I want to be a pilot so I'm applying to USAFA and USNA for class of 2027. Because of that, I'm training to get my PPL and just joined the CAP (hoping to become a VFR pilot). I am doing these things because I want to do them, but I am also trying to get into these...