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  1. U

    CFA Pull Up Video Question

    Hello! I submitted my CFA pull up video back in 1/30 after they determined on 1/29 that my CFA video was not up to standard and have not heard anything back since. My CFA score says its "SCORE IS ON FILE AND PENDING REVIEW" and my video is "ON FILE (1/30/2024)". Does this mean that there were no...
  2. C

    LoA Expiration

    I received my LoA to USMA about two months ago. As usual, the first paragraph included a notice that it would expire on a pre-determined date if I hadn't completed my file by then. I completed all remaining items, except for the CFA, which I had to postpone due to an injury. I missed the...
  3. W

    Acceptable CFA Score?

    Hey everyone, I took my CFA recently and think I did well on everything but the pushups. My proctor said it was my call if I wanted to submit my score but he recommended not sending it. What do you all think? My scores (I am a male) were: Pushups: 31, Basketball throw: 74'2", Pull-ups: 8...
  4. C

    CFA and LOA

    I received an LOA for West Point around a month ago, and am afraid I'm going to fail the CFA. I'm taking it this Thursday, and have to submit it by 10/15/23. If I send the results on the day I take it or very soon after, if I fail will my LOA be rescinded? I've heard it takes a while for them to...
  5. Z


    QUESTIONS: 1. Do I qualify given that my push-ups and mile time are sub-par? 2. If I submit my results, can a resubmit improved results? I would like a definitive answer on the second question because I would like to keep submitting my improved results. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! SCORES: - BB...
  6. John Welch

    CFA scoring points vs. the Whole Candidate Score

    Based on the RAND Corporation 2015 West Point Admissions Report, page 10, a candidate will earn the full 800 points in the Athletic Activity Level Score (which accounts for 10% of their overall Whole Candidate Score) if they have “a CFA score greater than 650”. This looks like double-credit...