vp nomination

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    2021 VP Nomination

    DS said he applied to the VP nomination even before the MOC applications had opened. So this would have been before May 2021. However, he didn't get any email confirmation. 1. There should have been a receipt confirmation, right? 2. Should he put an application again before it's too late? The...
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    VP Nomination

    I have received congressional nominations to USAFA and USNA from my local rep, and I am waiting to find out if I get a nomination from my senator for USNA or USMA. I am concerned that I will not get my senator's nomination to USMA, and it has, over time, become my first choice. I applied for the...
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    VP Nomination/Vice Presidential Nomination

    Since each SA will make their recommendations to the Vice President for his VP nomination based on a candidate's admissions record, do these typically end up going to someone who already has at least 1 nomination (not yet appointed) or do they award it to someone who's 3Q'd/meets whole person...