104R academic plan


Apr 22, 2016
I have seen several references to this and recommendations to try to get a head start on this. DS will be attending orientation in July and I believe he will meet with an academic advisor then to select his classes. I assume he should bring the form for that meeting. Will the advisor typically know what he needs to sign up for for ROTC? When DS met with the cadre in February they indicated that they allow engineering students 5 years to complete their undergraduate degree. Should the 104r be set up as a 5 year plan or with the goal of completing in 4 years, and the knowledge that in reality it may take longer? Thanks for your help.
At least for my DS when he went to orientation he just told them he was in AFROTC. The advisors will know what time they have LLAB, if they don't just ask the det for the times. It really was more about de-conflicting his classes with his ROTC requirements. IE. He had LLAB on T/TH at 2. Thus, he needed to make sure he could get the classes that were required for his degree and do ROTC at the same time.
~ It is not difficult, but it is akin to doing a jigsaw puzzle. IE: Eng 101 is offered at 2 on Tues, or 9 a.m. Monday/Wed. He needs to take it on Mon/Wed bc he will be in LLAB on Tues at 2. Meanwhile, Calc 101 is offered at 9 M/W or Tues at 11. Bc he had to do Eng 101 on Mon, that means Calc has to be at 11 Tues. So on and so forth.
~ He'll also have to do PT. PT can impact his class schedule too if he is not at a host det. IE. If they do PT at 6:30 and you live on campus, an 8 a.m. class can work, but if you are attending school at a xtown det. than you have to add in that commute time and give some wiggle room for that a.m. class.

Hope that helps.
Your DS should reach out to his ROO and confirm if there will be an AROTC meeting on or around the date of the July orientation.

Regardless, the ROO will give your DS guidance about the 104R, morning PT, the APFT qualification, signing the contract, etc.

My wife and I attended orientation two years ago, and we have been hands off ever since, as our DS has run with all of the AROTC administrative issues himself.

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The 104R is really more about long term planning to make sure you graduate on time. As long as he's taking classes he will need to graduate during his freshman year then it's not a big deal for this freshman orientation. I expect a lot of classes he will enroll in will be needed to complete core requirements and maybe get started on his major. He might make a PERT chart of his major curriculum to make sure he's getting started on the right foot, but again I expect he'd be tackling basic prereqs for his major classes.
Thanks. I guess I'm not clear as to what is "on time" since they told him it is acceptable to need more than 4 years for engineering