2015 I-Day + Plebe Summer as experienced by the Class of 2019


Jun 28, 2015
Excellent YouTube Video of last years' July 1st, 2015 Induction. This is quite timely if you really want to know what will go on June 30th, 2016 for I-DAY

I like at 1:10 the 9:15 am Reporting Times as the temporary gate is slid open to let those 9:15 AM Appointees into Alumni Hall.
The Appointee is responsible for preliminary sizing of their own uniforms and footwear. Make sure you do it right, Folks... Go to a *real* Tailor OR give the Jos. A Bank's salesperson a twenty to take all those measurements accurately. The guy that did my DS just happened to be responsible for his JROTC's Company uniform measurements a few years ago !

(See the NavyHoops Posting, below) :wiggle:


The next item, is YouTube Video of last years' Plebe Summer for Class of 2019. This is less than a year old and is really timely if you really want to know what goes on for that 6-7 week Summer:

(My son spotted the Mid who had to drag him at his CVW in Sept. 2015 )
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Jul 13, 2011
They use these measurements to ensure they pre order all the correct sizes. The stuff they get on I Day is very loose not custom fitted stuff such as t shirts, socks, drawers, shorts, Dixie cup, and white works. They will try on everything that is issued to them. They will leave Alumni Hall in white works. Don't worry, if they think they need a medium and it's too big or small they will get the right size gear. It's why every brand new Plebe tries it all on, a detailer or officer will validate it fits and they are wearing it right and that's the end of their civies. I have worked I Day a half dozen times the last 10 years. Uniforms are constantly coming back as they get tried on for the right size. Same for shoes, they will try on and validate they fit. The precise measurements they use on I Day really aren't needed until later on when they get fitted for their school and other uniforms. They will get measured, fitted, try on, have tailored and then re-try them on again all summer long. Even if they don't do the measurements during Plebe Summer, don't worry too much about them, they will not issue an SBD jacket or summer whites that don't fit. Unform fittings and tailor time is built into the training plan. Also when you see white works 3" too long on I Day and they feel like cardboard... Don't worry they also get shortened to fit right and become very soft when washed.


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Dec 12, 2014
Thanks for sharing that! Still get emotional at the echoing "I do" of the oath in the court and the thunder of the doors slamming shut into Bancroft Hall. To future plebe parents try to go if possible.