1. H

    Induction day parade/schedule

    I apologize if this is answered elsewhere, I couldn't find via searches. Does anyone know the schedule for the parade the day after I-day (for a parent)? My understanding is that our DS will be dropped off early on I-day and we won't see him again except for a brief glimpse at the swearing in...
  2. BeanBoi45

    COVID Vaccine and Travel

    I am on schedule to get the Moderna covid vaccine. Before I get it, I would like to make sure it won’t be any issue down the road. Does usafa, or any of the academies for that matter, require a specific type of vaccine? I’m not sure what the plan is to vaccinate cadets or if there is one, but I...
  3. B

    Concerned about running...

    Greetings: I am currently a senior in high school and was accepted to the USNA back in November. In December 2018, I avulsed my right hamstring tendon in a school wrestling match. I had surgery on 03 Jan 2019, and I am just now able to get back into running. I am currently going through the...
  4. S

    Questions about Prescriptions and what to bring on I-day

    Hi, as I-day is this Thursday, I had a few questions regarding how to get prescription refills throughout the summer since my prescription does not last for all 6 weeks--should I get all refills now and bring them with me, or can someone mail them to me? Also, I bought plenty of underwear and...
  5. 2

    I-Day Packing

    Our packing list specifies that we are to bring 12 pairs of white boxer0briefs and 8 white v-necks, and specifies what footwear we are allowed to bring. However it does not specify what socks we are expected to pack. Will we be issued all of the socks we are expected to wear during basic, or...
  6. murfthesurf

    2015 I-Day + Plebe Summer as experienced by the Class of 2019

    Excellent YouTube Video of last years' July 1st, 2015 Induction. This is quite timely if you really want to know what will go on June 30th, 2016 for I-DAY I like at 1:10 the 9:15 am Reporting Times as the temporary gate is slid open to let those 9:15 AM Appointees into Alumni Hall. ==========...
  7. T

    Bringing ABUs to inprocessing

    Recently, I got sized at a local AFB for ABUs. If I purchase them now, can I bring them to inprocessing?
  8. W

    I-Day Questions

    As we start our planning for I-day for our DS, we are looking for a little perspective on a couple of things: 1. We are likely going to be headed to Colorado a few days early to allow for some altitude acclimation. We are considering bringing the whole family as a mini-vacation, but we are...