3.5-Year ROTC Scholarship Chances


Nov 29, 2016
I am currently in AROTC at my state college applying for a 3.5-year scholarship. I'm only a freshman so I don't have a GPA yet, but I do Color Guard, Drill Team, am planning to study for and pledge to join Pershing Rifles, Intramural Soccer, and am President of my program's student board. My first APFT score in late August was around 200, but I improved by 50-60 points when I took it again yesterday. The interview is next week and my mentor is supposed to help me prepare. If anyone has advice, please let me know. I heard 3.5 may be rare right now so 3 might be more reasonable, but I'm not really sure how I stack up against everyone else competing for a scholarship, so if anyone could provide some input regarding my competitiveness, that would be great as well.
Not sure what you want to hear. Yes you are competitive if you are enrolled in the program. Since we don’t know what you are up against, or if your school will even be allocated any scholarships, or how many Cadets are on scholarship at your school there is no way of knowing if you are competitive. Had this discussion with my freshmen competing for campus based scholarships at Clarkson....don’t worry about what you can’t control. Take care of what you can. You control your grades, your PT performance and your level of participation. More is better...now go do some push ups and then study.
Second Brigade (northeast schools) should be allocating some scholarships in November. I suspect most of that will be to the sophomore class.
The last time I have seen a 3.5YR scholarship awarded was AY13-14. They are a rare thing. Scholarships are handled differently by each BDE. Usually a program only gets 3.5YR scholarships if they have very few National Scholarship winners in the Freshman class. Most freshman scholarships are 3YRS, and are awarded in the Spring Semester.
I know last year at my daughter's school, in the 8th brigade, did award some 3 year scholarships to freshman during fall of freshman year, and a few more in spring. At least at her school the only cadets that received a 3.5 years were a few of the 3 AD national winners were uograded. It is possible that in the spring that changes by I know for fall 3 years is what the freshman were competing for to start as sophomores.