3 Year AD Scholarship

King Twix

May 26, 2016

I have just received the 3 year scholarship for AROTC and I had a question.
In the scholarship letter, it says "
The first year of this scholarship is considered an observation year. You must counsel this Cadet that benefits will not be paid during the observation year. The Cadet must make arrangements with the college/university to pay for the observation year. They must meet scholarship eligibility in order to contract once the observation year is over."

Does this mean my scholarship would not go into effect until my junior year (as posting this i am a freshman, i'd assume the observation year means sophomore year)? Or how does this work.

Thank you!
It sounds like that is basic language for all 3 year scholarship awards. The observation year for a 3 year is the freshman year. Since they just awarded you the scholarship I am confident that your observation year is including the first semester and next semester of your freshman year. Your 3 year scholarship should start the beginning of your sophomore year as long as you continue to meet the requirements for the rest of your freshman year, pass your APFT the start of your sophomore year, and have all your paperwork completed.

Congratulations on getting the 3 year scholarship.
I would guess that THIS is the observation year and your scholarship will kick in next year as long you pass the necessary requirements such as minimum GPA, passing the PT test, etc...
And by the way, you're always under observation... each and every year. Don't screw up.