3 Year Advaned Designee Scholarship the same as a Campus Based Scholarship ? ? ? ?


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Oct 24, 2016
My son did not get a Scholarship from the 3 National board meetings. He was offered this week and is taking a 3 Year Advanced Designee Scholarship he was just offered by the ROTC Program at the College he will be going to next year. He is so happy to be a part of the ROTC program at such a great school.

Is the On Campus the same as a Advanced Designee? If not what is the Difference?

Yes, generally, if the ROO or PMS (Army ROTC) offers a 3 year AD to an incoming student, it is a campus based scholarship. Advanced Designee just means that the scholarship doesn't go into effect until after the first year (designated in advance). You do stand a chance of having a half year added on during your fall semester so that it kicks in in the Spring. This is what happened to my DS during his MS-I year. This varies by battalion.
+1 to AROTC-dad. They're the same thing. The only difference is when they start paying benefits. Looks like first year is on you right now. Congratulations! Your son must be something special to be so awarded.
So yes, 3 year advanced designee national scholarship is essentially the same as a 3 year advanced designee campus based scholarship. The difference is the campus based situation the brigade has given the battalion/school a budget for scholarships and the school chose your son for that scholarship. In the case of getting a national scholarship then your son could potentially transfer to the school of his choice, his is dependent taking it to that school. Hopefully that makes sense. I am saying the same thing as those above, but you asked what the differences were, and that is the biggest difference. He will go in as a non-contracted cadet, my daughter did the same as a 3 year advanced designee national winner, and then will contract beginning of sophomore year. Every battalion is different with whether they spend money on upgrades or not, but encourage your son to go in fit and ready, and there is sometimes a chance of an upgrade. Both my daughter and @AROTC-dad 's son were upgraded to a 3.5 year, so we know it does happen. Some brigades, or basically, some parts of the country do not do any upgrades, so it just really depends on the brigade that your son's battalion is in. Congratulations, you should definitely celebrate this weekend, what a great accomplishment for your son!
Hi All. I'm new to this thread but have a question if anyone is still monitoring.

My son who will be an incoming college freshman the fall of 2019 was offered a campus based 3-Year AD Scholarship for his 2nd choice college, where he has already been accepted. The deadline to accept the 3-Year AD Scholarship is 28 March 2019. He also has to acknowledge that, once accepting the campus based scholarship, his name would be removed from consideration at the third national board. He took the offer because he is very satisfied with 2nd choice college, it was a bird in the hand and he was told he could request a transfer of the 3-Year AD scholarship if he wished.

His 1st choice college will notify him if he is admitted on 1 April 2019. If admitted, he will request a transfer the 3-Year AD Scholarship to that school. Both his 1st choice and 2nd choice colleges are in the same city and belong to the same ROTC Battalion.

Does anyone have experience with within battalion transfers of campus based 3-Year AD Scholarships? His ROO said that he would have to make the request with CC. Is he anymore likely or less likely to be approved since it is with the same battalion?

Any feedback will be appreciated.
Congrats to your son! I think if he was told he can transfer, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Where it becomes a problem is if the 1st choice school has a spot available or not. In his case it would be an easy phone call if accepted to his first choice to his ROO because being the same battalion they probably share the same ROO. Then if it soundscape hopeful he could request the transfer, with the final decision being with Cadet command. Which school is the host school, the 2nd choice or the 1st choice?
Thanks for the reply Dckc88. The transfer issue is one concern. It will be a moot point if not accepted to 1st choice, but we want to be prepared. I have other questions regarding the campus based 3-Year AD that, if I can impose, hopefully you or somebody else can address.

First, to answer your question, the host school is the 1st choice it does share the same ROO/cadre the 2nd choice.

The other question requires some background on my son's situation. He was not selected at the second national board despite having very good credentials. After the second board results, the ROO at the battalion that covers his 1st and 2nd college choices offered the campus 3-year AD. Since we've heard it is unlikely that he get selected for a 4-year national scholarship at the third board, he agreed to the campus based 3-Year AD. As I understand it, both the national and campus based 3-Year AD are essentially the same. I am suspicious, however, that they are processed differently.

My suspicion stems from how the offer has been processed thus far. Earlier this month my son received an e-mail from the ROO welcoming him to the battalion, naming the scholarship school (second choice) and instructing him to "please 'ACCEPT' the award BEFORE deadline and we will construct the CC form 167-R later in-house". Attached to the e-mail were a memorandum from 'Scholarship Management Branch' on HQ USACC letterhead addressed to the senior PMS at the host battalion regarding his scholarship offer, and a letter from that PMS to my son informing him of his selection for the scholarship. The letter from the PMS to my son instructs him to "complete the Cadet Command Form 167-R indicating your desire to accept or decline the scholarship" and to include a memorandum stating that he is aware that he would not be considered at the final national board and fax them to a number in the battalion's telephone area code. (Note: the ROO's e-mail mentioned above said that they would "construct the CC form 167-R later in-house,")

The ROO's e-mails gave us the impression that my son was to await an official letter in the US Mail before responding to the offer. (Deadline 28 March) Since we will not be available after 22 March, my son felt hurried to receive the official letter so I called Cadet Command to find out what was going on. They said that my son was still on the list for the 3rd national board and seemed unaware of the campus 3-Year AD offer to him.

After some e-mail back and forth with the ROO, who thought my son had already faxed the requested material to the PMS, my son wrote a memorandum addressed to the PMS stating that he wished to accept the award and, along with the memorandum regarding the 3rd national board, faxed it to the local number indicated. He did not include a CC Form 167-R because the ROO again said that this would be done "in house" later in the summer.

To be sure that he had taken care of everything, I sent a copy of the above mentioned fax to the ROO asking if my son would receive anything from Cadet Command or if there was any other paperwork to complete at this time. The ROO responded "Acknowledge receipt. Any other administrative paperwork required will be conducted “in house.” Your son will receive documents this summer from us to fill-out pre-arrival. All instructions will be included. There aren’t any new requirements at this time."

If you have read this far, thank you! As I said above, I suspect that the national and campus 3-Year AD's are processed differently, at least initially.

Thinking out loud, it seems to me that each battalion must have a number of campus 3-Year AD's they can offer and that they are processed locally, probably at about the same time the 3rd national board is completed. (Ironically, I don't know how my son's name would have been removed from the 3rd board before it convened and finalized. I suppose they can subsequently remove it. When I posed this scenario to Cadet Command, they seemed not to be worried saying that, if selected by the board, one of the offers would be removed.) Still thinking out loud, I am guessing that in the summer, the various battalions must send the campus 3-Year AD's forward to Cadet Command for processing. If this is the case, I would also suspect that requesting a transfer of the scholarship from 2nd choice college to 1st choice might also be done locally, as long as the scholarship has not been processed by Cadet Command and the gaining school has slots available.

Sorry for the detail and length. This matter has been taking a lot of our time, but I served long enough to know that one must get as much information from as many sources possible.

Your thoughts about how campus 3-Year AD's are processed?
I expect Cadet Command would have to get involved in the transfer because $$$$ are involved. I'm confident the tuition at one is more than the other. That'd just my surmise though. Good question for the ROO next time you speak with him or her.
First of all - he would not be processed at the 3rd board anyway, how the process works is that his name remains on the OML. After the third board convenes and all new names are listed in order on the OML (including those still on the list form the first two boards) cadet command will then draw “a line” for four year offers and then for 3 year offers. So for example, let’s say the line of who will or will not get an offer is 1004 scholarships. If your son was 1004 or above he would get an offer, if he was 1005 or lower he wouldn’t. So all that needs to happen at CC is once they receive the authorization that he is agreeing to not be considered is he would be removed from the OML.

Secondly - my best guess is that since it is at a satellite school of the host school is why they are telling him he could transfer to his first choice is accepted. Because their battalion and their brigade would be the ones to ultimately approve it once it was transferred through cadet command. I don’t know this, but it is my best guess.

Lastly - don’t worry about how it is processed - put it on the list of “these are the things we don’t understand” and sleep well at night. Not sure you know my daughters whole story but she was a nursing scholarship recipient who during her sophomore year decided she wanted to switch majors. The scholaeship was only for nursing. Once her PMS approved it (long process even up to that point) she had to be on an administrative suspension while it “processed” through the brigade even though everyone had verbally agreed and proper forms were filed. She got word it was approved middle of the next semester, and notified she was indeed on a one semester suspension which we already knew about because it was in her original contract. This is the first semester back on scholarship after the admin suspension and her tuition was just paid because it had to be approved at the brigade level Ina different way as well, while her classmates tuition and fees were paid weeks ago.

As long as he is communicating with his battalion, doing what they ask him to do, and they are communicating “all good”, you can rest easy.

As far as your sons experience and what is received by him, campus based versus national is no different.

Congrats to your son and keep us posted!!
Thanks to both kinnem and Dckc88 for the input.

There is a tuition difference between the two schools and I think you are right that this could be an issue to address, especially because the school he'd be asking to be transferred to is more expensive that the loosing school.

The comment about being removed from the OML also makes sense...I just hope we'd never learn that they were willing to offer a 4-Year at his first choice. I want to remain ignorant of that possibility and am quite happy with the bird in hand.

I also will heed the advice to stop worrying about the process. The ROO and cadre know what they are doing. We have plenty in writing and are communicating. We are going to enjoy a spring break away and then get ready for graduation, which is early in our part of the country.

Good luck to you and your children. I'm very excited for my son and living somewhat vicariously!
There is a tuition difference between the two schools and I think you are right that this could be an issue to address, especially because the school he'd be asking to be transferred to is more expensive that the loosing school.

I am curious to know how it panned out. I am under the impression that if gaining school's tuition is significantly higher, it will be re-evaluated dependent upon funding availability at Brigade level.
One potential difference is some schools state that they pick up room and/or board for national winners. I don’t know if that applies to campus based scholarships as well, but probably varies by school.