4/C NROTC Midshipman Looking for Government Internship


Mar 24, 2017
Hi Forum,

I guess its been a while since I have posted, but I just wanted to ask: Does anyone know a Naval ROTC midshipman who has pursued an internship in a government agency (DIA, NSA, NGA, NRO, CIA) in the summer after their freshman year. I certainly plan on attending CORTRAMID and I hope that I can get a slot for the earliest CORTRAMID date, but almost all the internships that I have looked into are requiring a 10 week commitment - thus conflicting with CORTRAMID

Does anyone know of any intelligence agency internships for rising sophomores that are less than 10 weeks? And Does anyone know of internships at political think tanks or at institutions that specialize in international affairs and strategic studies of some sort as well that are <10 weeks?

Would love to hear what everyone's DS or DD midshipman did with their summer after/before CORTRAMID so I can get an idea of possible options are for me.

Thank you so much thread and Go Navy!
There are internships like this advertised through college and career programs as well as the agencies as well. Suggest you develop contacts with both. Networking is king.

Usajobs is your best source