1. C

    NROTC Summer Ideas

    Does anyone have ideas for additional professional advancement opportunities during the summer? Summer training is only a month, and I would like to take advantage of the rest of the summer.
  2. J

    Basic Cadet Summer

    I am an incoming basic cadet, and wondering what the full summer schedule will look like. I know I day is June 28th, and that kicks off BCT, but does anyone know the dates of when BCT ends, A-day, and when the academic school year starts? Also, what do cadets do, and is there time to go...
  3. D

    R-Day and Beast for class of 2025

    Hi all! I’m wondering if anyone knows the dates of R-day and Beast for the class of 2025. I have a school trip sometime in June and I am really hoping that the two wouldn’t conflict as it would be my last chance to go on this trip, seeing as how it was cancelled this year due to COVID-19. My...
  4. C

    Internship and Camp Dates

    If you get an internship in the summer you're supposed to go to camp, could you request to get a regiment that works around your internship dates? Or are you just out of luck?
  5. C

    ACFT at Camp 2020?

    My MSG just told our MSIII class that the PT test for OML record at camp this coming summer will be the ACFT. This is the first time I am hearing this information. Has anyone heard anything on this?
  6. C

    Fort Benning Combatives Courses

    Can cadets take the Army Combatives Courses as part of summer training? Has anyone ever heard of cadets going to these courses?
  7. R


    I am hoping on attending West Point this coming year. My parents want to plan a vacation for the summer after my freshman year. Is there any time off during the summers to have personal time?
  8. afrotc2022

    AFROTC PDT: Ops Air Force vs. USAFA ESET

    Hi y'all, I'm a C/4C in AFROTC, and apparently, as a contracted cadet, I have to do Ops Air Force (or some PDT) this summer. I was nominated for USAFA SOAR but didn't make the cut. Our cadre just let us know that there are openings for GMC to go to Expeditionary Survival & Evasion Training...
  9. J

    Summer Opportunities (after basic cadet training)

    Hi everyone, What are the other AFA summer training opportunities (after basic cadet training) besides gliders and sky diving? I know at Navy they have some special opportunities like scuba diving and hiking in Alaska. Are there any programs like these? Thanks!
  10. B

    4/C NROTC Midshipman Looking for Government Internship

    Hi Forum, I guess its been a while since I have posted, but I just wanted to ask: Does anyone know a Naval ROTC midshipman who has pursued an internship in a government agency (DIA, NSA, NGA, NRO, CIA) in the summer after their freshman year. I certainly plan on attending CORTRAMID and I hope...
  11. M

    AIM Week 2

    Haven't seen any threads for AIM Week 2... If anyone wants to start a group chat with others going this year, or wants to create a Facebook Group sort of thing, please PM me numbers or your FB and I'll get one started. Congrats to everyone who got in!
  12. P

    AIM Week 1

    Anyone attending AIM week 1 interested in making a facebook or snapchat group or something to get to know each other before we go??
  13. E

    SLE Fitness Preparation

    I am a female junior that was offered a spot for week 2 of the West Point SLE. I have a couple questions on what the physical side of the program will be like. Thanks! How intense the physical part of the program will be? Is taking the CFA test there optional? How much should I prepare for the...
  14. J

    SLE and NASS... same week

    Hey everyone, I just got notified by both West Point and Naval Academy that I got offered to go to both summer programs (beyond excited) unfortunately, I got week 1 assignment to both. Is it possible to change which week I go to through the admissions office? If so, how? Thanks!
  15. M

    Will an AROTC scholarship pay for summer courses?

    Has a scholarship paid for your summer classes? Or just during fall/spring semesters? I can't find info about it online.
  16. U

    class of 2020

    Hello, I've looked around and am failing to see the exact dates of when we have to report in this summer. I notice that its traditionally near the end of June, but does anyone have or know specific dates for this summer? Thank you.
  17. K

    Summer vs State

    (moderators, please move this to the appropriate discussion room) Summers sessions (any of em) vs Girls/Boys State? Hypothetically speaking, if a DD/DS were to get accepted to the summer sessions of all the academies AND the Girls/Boys State and there were scheduling (or finance) conflicts...