4 or 2 year?


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May 29, 2017
I got admitted to a 4 year (UC Riverside) but I am now having serious doubts the more I learn about the Naval Academy, I seriously want to go, but I don't know if i should continue to UCR or go to a CC instead and then go to the academy. I didn't have stellar grades in HS (3.4) but I got a good ACT score (29 math, 33 reading) and was a leader in 2 extracurricular organizations (Band and Theatrical Production). I found USNA too late to apply my senior year, and am wondering, should I continue to UCR or go to a CC instead?
For college applicants, USNA prefers a 4-year college unless they absolutely cannot go due to some situation (inability to pay, etc.) Assuming worst case scenario, you don't get into USNA, where do you see yourself in two years? What is the best path for you in the long-run, regardless of your application to the USNA? Additionally, work hard, make good grades in typical Plebe classes (Calc, chem, English, history, possibly physics) and prove to the USNA your academic potential. If you can succeed at a UC school, USNA will see this and be more impressed than if you do well at a CC
Because the academy just seems like a place I'd fit into, and I can positively contribute to my country. Also UCR just isn't all that for me, especially after orientation, I couldn't register for classes and they were less than professional about it.
You need to find a school where you will be happy/content/successful. Applying to USNA is never a sure thing. Thus, if it doesn't work out, you will remain where you are. Don't really understand the issues at UCR, but USNA will also have its share of challenges on day 1.:) I would give UCR a shot for at least a semester -- you obviously chose it/and it chose you for a reason. If it still doesn't seem right by year-end, then consider what to do.
Wannabeplebe; Why do you think USNA prefers a four year college over a two? Sources? Are you currently at USNA?
If you go read that thread ^^^ You'll find a lot of the info valuable to not only reapplicants but any college applicants like yourself :)
Wannabeplebe; Why do you think USNA prefers a four year college over a two? Sources? Are you currently at USNA?

USNA Admissions has said so. If you cannot financially afford a 4-yr college or need to be close to home for personal reasons (e.g., caring for an ill relative), then do a CC. Be sure USNA and your BGO know it was a financial or personal reason.