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Aug 4, 2008
i just got an LOA in the mail from West Point, contigent upon medical qualification and a nomination. i should be qualified for everything except for medical, which i'm working through a waiver for now. i've received a waiver to USAFA and Army ROTC. the problem is the nomination. i have had two MOC interviews already with my third one coming up in december. i've become candidates for USAFA, USNA, and USMA, and i received a nomination from my second interview to USAFA. i've yet to hear back from my first interview. in all my applications to my senators/representative, i indicated a USAFA, USNA, and USMA order of preference. i'm not sure if i'll get a nomination to my third preference, USMA, because i already listed USAFA and USNA as my top two choices. is it possible for a MOC to list the same candidate for three academies, or are they only allowed to nominate one candidate for one academy? by the way, i've not gotten an LOA from USAFA or USNA, just USMA. thanks for anyone's help! :biggrin:
If you wanna change your perfernace just call. If that's what your hinting at....
Whether you can receive nominations to multiple academies depends on where you live and the number/quality of the other candidates. For example, prior to c/o 2012, our Congressman had less than 20 request for noms, so he could nominate for more than one academy. Last year, he had 46 requests, so he could not even put everyone up for his/her first choice. You can call, even after the interview, and ask to be on a different academy slate. Last year my son rec'd his nom from our senator and had an LOA to USMA. After he had his interview w/ the congressman, an LOA for USNA arrived. He had put USMA first on both applications. He simply called the congressman's staffer and asked for the nom to be for USNA instead. Because he had the LOA, they were happy to do so, knowing their constituent would have a guaranteed appointment. Later, this MOC invited all of the students from his district receiving appointments to a reception, regardless of whether they accepted the one he nominated them for. Do not be afraid to ask them for what you want...they don't know unless you tell them. The MOC's generally do not bite, and they work for you. Good luck!

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I see, thanks for your help! I will be sending a letter to all three congressman. :thumb:
To add to the correct comments above, an MOC can nominate one candidate to all 4 SAs if there is interest and the MOC wants to do it. In many, if not most, geographic areas, there are many more candidates than there are nom slots. As a result, most MOCs require candidates to choose or rank their preferences and typically will only give each candidate a nom to one SA.

However, as noted above, in some areas, the number of candidates is less than the available nom slots, especially for one or more SAs. In such cases, the MOC may (at his/her discretion) nominate the same candidate for more than one SA.

Whether you can change your order of preference after it has been submitted depends on your MOC. Some allow it, some don't. Your MOC's "rules" on this likely were in your application packet. If you can change your order, I agree you should do so with an explanation of why. However, in your case, I would only do so if you are willing to accept an appointment to WP if you don't get appointed to USNA or USAFA.
Bigcox - Congratulations!

What a dilemma to have - wow! USNA1985 is right - if you change your preferance you might not get a nomination and hence an appointment to USNA or USAFA.
However, if you are sure you would accept an appointment to USMA then give your MOC's a call.
Definitely explain to them you have received an LOA from USMA and would be excited to win a nomination and appointment.
MOC's are free to give as many nominations to whomever they wish. There is no law restricting them.
So give your Congressman's office a call - they normally have a Nominations Manager who can answer questions and help you out.
Good Luck!
.... i indicated a USAFA, USNA, and USMA order of preference.

.... i already listed USAFA and USNA as my top two choices.

.... by the way, i've not gotten an LOA from USAFA or USNA, just USMA.

You state more than once that USMA is your 3rd choice.

Has their LOA changed your order of preference? :confused:

Also - remember that just because one SA gives a waiver for a specific medical condition does not mean that another will do the same. I have seen a waiver denied by one SA, while another SA waivers the exact same condition.

Be very careful of what you ask for, you just may get it. :wink:
Last year there was a young man on this site who could not receive a waiver to USNA, but his condition was waiverable for USMA. He is now very happy and thriving at West Point. Some candidates just wish to serve their country; others really only want one academy. Bigcox, time to figure out what you really want, and then go for it! Good luck!!
i want to thank you all for your help, and honestly i really want to go into a space or weather field. it really doesn't matter which SA i go to, because to me the experience of serving one's nation is all the same. yes, getting the LOA from WP changed my order of preference but USAFA is still my top choice. i just sent a letter off to all three MOC's explaining my situation and hopefully will hear back soon. it is true that some SA's will deny a waiver and others will give a waiver for the same condition. i got a waiver from USAFA and denied for the same condition for USNA. thanks for all your help!!! :biggrin:
it seems from what i've seen the USNA is much selective in terms of physical qualifications than the USAFA.
It is not that it is "selective" but the service is different. For one thing you need to be able to serve safely while on a ship. Certain medical conditions may be incompatible with that. For instance, from what I hear is that sleep walking is a big no-no in the Navy. They can't have you walking off the ship in the middle of the night.
All the academies keep in mind that you need to be able to physically and safely complete their training programs as well as be physically eligible for a commission.
it seems from what i've seen the USNA is much selective in terms of physical qualifications than the USAFA.

Your assumption is not accurate.

It is not that it is "selective" but the service is different.

Exactly. A prime example is color blindness, which for the Army or Air Force is "waiverable". A USNA waiver for color blindness is rare but they do happen, and one for USCGA is not considered at all.
yeah, i'm color deficient... though i only applied to the USAFA (i have no intent in applying to Navy), i have heard that people with a similar condition were not qualified for the USNA