Acceptance Day


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Oct 10, 2007
Are those of you not attending acceptance day sending packages? I know that I have to bring all my kids' fencing gear out for PW and am hesitant to pack too much into an A-Day goodie box. On the other hand, I don't want them to feel slighted.

Probably just whining on my part...
Go to your local Big Lots or Dollar Store and buy a plastic shoe box with a sealable lid, you can go a little larger, but this will store well for them. Hit the grocery store you will want a couple pieces of the favorite candy, some canned food like beefaroni, easy mac, tuna, crackers. This will allow them to have something filling enough so they do not have to leave the rooms and venture to the CStore. They will have a soda machine in the Squadron, plus they will still have a lot of left over gatorade.
Good ideas! I think I was just getting intimidated by reading that people were sending printers, phones, ipods - good grief! I have some beef jerky, raisins, and a few other things - thanks for the relief!
Dang girl. You know DARN WELL, if I was your son, you better be sending me a "REAL" Philly Cheese Steak Sub. If not, I disown you. LOL!!! Before joining the Air Force and eventually moving to the "Wild West"; I'm originally from Jersey. They have some awesome subs, but nothing like in PA. Anyway, if you want to adopt me; at least long enough to FEDEX me a Cheese Steak, I'll love you forever. :wink:

On a serious note; you know how to get a hold of me. If you want to mail me something so I can hand carry it down on Parent's weekend and you have too much to put on the plane, let me know. I'll bring it down for you. Later... mike...

P.S. Not being on CC anymore, you might not know how to get ahold of me. Let me know if you need help and I'll shoot you an email or phone call. Later....
Thanks Mike - I still have your email! I may actually take you up on your offer during PW - ship some gear to you and you could bring it down... we'll see what all they request.

And, hey dude! Check your geography! I live 350 miles from Joisey! Remember, this is one serious STEELERS FAN here! Bring on the pierogies, kielbasa, Iron City Beer!

But if I get to Joisey in the near future, I'll have a nice cheese steak shipped fedex to "yens."
for those of you who were able to go: How was it??? And now for the big question: Did anyone see my kids? :)
well from a first hand view of having been in the parade as a 4digg... it went great! i dont really know how many people fell out but mom and dad said there were a few.

it feels so awesome to not be a basic anymore!!!:thumb:
I would have given a lot to have been there! Haven't heard too much from the kids since then though since they are both busy - and sick!

I expect to hear something tonight since the first fencing meeting/tryouts are today. Fingers and toes crossed for that.

Christcorp: Did you see any twins while you were there? :smile:
you know; when I got there, during, and after the ceremony, I was specifically looking for "Twins" and thinking of you. Of course, I asked the "Stupid Question" to my wife and daughter. "Do you see any twins out here?" "You know, 2 guys that look the same?"

Of course, their response was something to the affect of; "Not counting girls and minorities, I see about 1000 guys THAT LOOK THE SAME". Boy were they right.

Put it this way; I looked right past my son and never saw him. HE WALKED UP TO ME and put his arms around me. For the LONGEST 1 second, I was like; "Who the heck is this guy?" JEREMY!!!! It's YOU!!!!!

Sorry darling, I did in fact try. They weren't in my son's squadron or flight, so he didn't know the boys. He did say there were a couple of twins in basic. (Not sure if yours are the only ones this year). I do feel bad however. I really wanted to be able to give them a hug for you. Neither of jeremy's room mate's family could show up. So we invited them to a picnic with us, and I handed them each a cell phone and let them call home. It was the best I could do.

But, now that the boy/girls have their computers and email; maybe they can find some pics and will be able to send them to you. Later... Mike....