Accepted USNA


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Jul 17, 2008
Hello everyone,

As of yesterday I accepted my appointment to USNA and declined my appointments to USAFA and USMA. Thank you all for your help and insight throughout this long and tiresome process.

Very Respectfully,

Congratulations!! :thumb:

Great work, man. I'll probably see you next summer.:shake:

Well done GO NAVY!

Hope to see you there on I-Day!
Question - from the time you received your nomination - How long was the wait until you received your appointment if everything else is in place and you have an LOA?
Congratulations! I hope to see you at some football games!

Don't forget to change your forum status to candidate appointee! :)
Congratulations on your appointment, and welcome aboard. Enjoy the rest of your senior year, wear those civvies while you can. I'll be handing embarrassing Proud Parent of a Naval Academy Midshipman tote bags to your family while you're getting your head shaved and being marched around in the heat on I-Day!
BZ. (look it up, part of your new vocabulary very soon)