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Jun 25, 2008
Anyone know if they BOTH require the writing portion? I heard somewhere the ACT one is optional and since i've already taken it twice already i wanted to make sure I needed it or not because im retaking it in Sep. Also, i took the normal acts a while ago without the writing portion.. i did alright so i was wondering if you can just take the writing portion individually?

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As far as admissions and my BGO has told me, you need to take every test with the writing. I hope that helps!
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I don't know that USNA requires the writing for the ACT but I would definately recommend it. About half that I'm applying to do and half don't. It isn't a whole lot more (I think about $15) and if you need it to apply somewhere and don't take it you won't have time to retake it. Definatly a good idea to take it!
My twins got an LOA from USNA four days ago.

They did not take the ACT writing section.

They liked the ACT, despised the SAT.

They had everything done but the DODMERB physical, which is now done.
There may be confusion since last year USMA started requiring the writing portion of at least one of the tests. They are not using the score for admissions purposes yet - just gathering the information.
My twins got an LOA from USNA four days ago.

That seems somewhat surprising given that the Admissions Board doesn't usually start meeting to consider packets until late August -- and it's very difficult for candidates to have their entire packets in by the end of July. :confused: But maybe your kids are really fast and/or USNA is doing things differently this year.

I stand corrected. :eek: It appears USNA is sending out LOAs earlier than ever this year. Not a bad idea if you want to get the most competitive candidates.
For the ACT, is the critical reading or is the english score used?
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they take both, and you need to be in the 28-32 range.