Active Duty Compensation After Commissioning?

Discussion in 'Life After the Academy' started by DIMA1988, May 13, 2014.

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    1. Is it true or just a rumor that service academy graduates time of service and pay start right after commissioning?
    2. Do SINGLE 2LTs get all three payments (Base,BAH Single,BAS) at the start of BOLC?
  2. Jcleppe

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    Base Pay - Yes

    BAH and BAS - Depends on whether your BOLC is a PCS. You may receive TDY.
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    Another way to look it is forget the commissioning date, rather look at the date entering the active duty. For SA graduates, when they graduate, they get commissioned, and their active duty starts on the same date. Whereas for ROTC, a cadet can graduate one day, get commissioned on a different date, than enter the active duty on another date.
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    Another twist

    TDY= temporary Duty
    For AF it comes down to 2 ways
    1. TDY from your permanent station or
    2. TDY enroute to the new station.
    ~~~ In both cases they will get BAH and TDY pay. The amount varies based on which base picks up the bill.

    I would spend more time figuring out how much you can make for the PCS than TDY. 2nd LTs. can make a pretty dime with a DITY, add in TLA too.
  5. Aglahad

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    Most likely just base pay and TDY
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    You're entitled to all three "immediately" upon graduating. The BAH rate would be the TDY rate while you're on leave unless you're PCSing in which case it would be what you'd get at your next duty station (there are travel days included as a part of a PCS during which time you'd get the TDy rate). BAS is static and you get it regardless of whether or not you're going TDY or PCSing or whatever else. For officers it's currently [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]$223.04. Base pay starts right after you graduate.

    I put "immediately" in quotes because there is some time between going from being paid as a cadet to a 2LT. During that time you want to keep track of what you're getting vs. what you should be getting because it can get messed up and the only person who would know that it's messed up for you is you.

    Worry not, as I understand it all the academies send out wonderful little slide decks containing all this information. In fact, West Point even gave us these handy little booklets that have detailed information on exactly what we're supposed to get and when we're supposed to get it, and what to do if we're not getting it.

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