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    I was at a college fair today and I saw a West Point booth and started talking to the MALO at the table. He had a list of candidates on a clipboard for our region and my name was on it. Not only was it highlighted but had the word Admissible next to it. He said it was better than being labeled Competitive. Can anyone shed some more light on what this actually means in more detail? Does it mean I basically have a good chance of recieving an appointment?
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    That's something I really should know off the top of my head but can't find anywhere in the MALO information the differences between the categories. However, as I look through the files and candidates I have access to, it seems like the difference between them is that a "competitive" is judged pretty solely on their ACT/SAT scores - it's kind of a preliminary judgement. An admissible also has the decent scores, but also has everything else submitted - transcripts, interviews, activities, essays, letters of recommendation, etc. So I would say an "admissible" is someone who was was originally competitive but submitted everything and still looks like a strong candidate after everything is in. It seems to be independent of medical & CFA though so kind of the same as Navy's "Scholastically Qualified" letters.
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    I concur with Marciemi.
    I did the same thing and went through all of my Admissions materials and could not find an explanation of what moves you from 'Competitive' to 'Admissible'.
    I will add that you do not have to have a nomination in hand to be 'Admissible'.
    The next category after 'Admissible' is 'Offered.'
    It's a good thing to be 'Admissible'. You are one step closer....

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