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Oct 2, 2006
My son has completed the application process; has had the BGO interview which went very well, has strong academics, etc. Question: is there any value in making another trip to the USNA to meet with admissions, express commitment to the program, show interest?
definetly couldnt hurt. supposedly, decent candidates who have their files complete will be invited for a visit weekend where they follow around a plebe. can anyone confirm this?
Yes, son got one today as did several others on the CC site. 7 possible visits Oct - April ... 6pm Thursday to 11:00 a.m. Sat.
My personal feeling is that it plays very little role in acceptance. Also, visiting doesn't give any idea what it's like to be a cadet/midshipman. So, if it's going to be a huge hassle or if it's going to cost money you don't have to spend, forget about it. However, if given the opportunity and it works out, I say go for it.

Now, I do know that during the summer seminar, at least for the naval academy, your midshipman element (or whatever it's called) leader does write a recommendation for you which goes into your admission file.

But, unless you're an athlete being recruited, I think that it's rather superfluous. Not that it's bad to visit, it just shouldn't be considered necessary.
Agree with TacNuke that CVWs aren't the same as being a plebe. That said, I think it's important to take every opportunity to experience a SA you're thinking of attending.

If cost is prohibitive, that is clearly an issue. But if you can manage costs, I would recommend it. I don't believe mids write evals on their drags. Rather, the event is designed to help candidates decide if USNA is right for them.

If you didn't do NASS, I definitely recommend CVW. If you did NASS, it's still useful (as the entire brigade is there). I suggest asking for an early date for 2 reasons. First, the earlier in the year you go, the more you'll see what plebe summer & early plebe year are like. By spring, things are usually more relaxed. Second, you're prob making your decisions now -- thus, seeing USNA now is better.

Admissions-wise, attending CVW makes no difference. It really is offered for your benefit.