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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by jakeSEAL9, Mar 1, 2010.

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    I am a jr in high school and am set on attending the Naval Acaddemy. I am in the process and am wondering if anyone could give me a timeline and order of when i should begin applying to the academy itself and for a california nomination. Any other tips and suggestions for the entire process are appreciated. Thanks.
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    Jake: Did you apply for NASS? That would be the first step. If you did not apply for NASS, then I believe the online app opens April 1.

    Applying for nominations from your Senators and Representative is unique to each of them. On their web sites, look for something labeled "Services to
    Constituents" or maybe even "Service Academy Appointments." They will each have deadlines, and very specific procedures for you to follow to apply for their nomination.

    You should be taking SAT/ACT tests now, hopefully have already taken them at least once. So, you will know where you stand in that area.

    Also, there is a book that is very helpful. “The Candidate Guide to the Naval Academy – How to Prepare, Get In and Survive” by Smallwood. There might be a newer edition, but basically the same. Seems like a new author updated it. Very good reference.

    :thumb Good Luck!
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    One more tip - do not procrastinate on getting your information submitted! Anyone college admissions person will tell you that it is to your advantage to get your materials submitted expeditiously - just be certain you are not compromising the accuracy, detail, and completeness of the information. Bear in mind that all the Admissions Office will know about you will be in the file you submitted. It is in your best interest and your responsibility to keep your file updated so when your file is pulled for review it will be as complete as possible. Best wishes to you.
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    If you haven't already done so, read the Admissions stickies on the top of this board -- lots of useful information (if I do say so myself:wink:)

    Other than that, no secrets. Get a complete, accurate package in early and then. . . wait.

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