Advantages and disadvantages at a small AFROTC Det??

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by pv123, Feb 6, 2012.

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    My daughter will be starting with a brand new Det at an Ivy that hasn't existed since 1969. What has been said is that they will be lucky to have 15 cadets this year. Not new to the Air Force but not a clue as to any advantages and disadvantages of an extremely small Det. Any advise or things to watch out for??
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    If she loves this college, go with it. CGPA is a going to be a large % for SFT selection.

    There is also something great about being the firsts, not only for CC recs., but personal leadership.

    If she loves the large det and that college, she needs to go there. Quickest way to not be commissioned is doing poorly at ROTC and college. Going to your second choice will play into that equation.

    If she loves the college of the smaller det, but fears attending because the big det is in place/recognized, remind her ROTC exists to create leaders. She will be able to shine and gain experience with a new det.

    SFT selection is national, and they place a lot into the equation. Size of the unit does not have a % awarded. PFT does. GPA does. Rank does.
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    Pima is spot on.

    I can only speak for the Army but my son's are attending the smallest D1 Public School in the country which has a small battalion compared to most other schools.

    Pima is right, while ROTC is designed to build teamwork the grading, scoring, and as she puts it "Racking and Stacking" is a very individual effort. Being at a small battalion had no effect on my son's scores, he said he enjoyed being a Big Fish in a little pond rather then the other way around. One benefit is that she will have more opportunities to be in leadership positions early on which is always a help.

    Like the AF the AROTC scoring is done on a national level, cadets will be ranked within the Det. but with a small Det. there is not the huge competition that exists in the much larger Det. That of course is just my opinion. Given the opportunity to do it all over again, my son would not change a thing.

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